Curse make a perfect start to The Siege stage two

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After a long, long break, The Siege returned today with Curse making an excellent start to group stage two.
The Siege returned to action tonight, after a break of over a month. Three games got played, with Moscow Five's clash with Mousesports getting postponed. Curse EU featured in two of those games and shot to the top of their group with back-to-back wins, crowning an excellent weekend for the Eastern European team. Xinec's team have been on top of their game lately, winning EmpireTV Challenge and coming second in this weekend's Fight for Pride Promo. Now they are set to move on in The Siege after a flawless start to the second stage.

Wins against SK Gaming and ex-Logix tonight continued their undefeated streak in in2LOL's tournament. The mostly Lithuanian team have a 5-0 record, with only two maps dropped in all those matches. But tonight's defeat of SK is arguably the most impressive of those wins, with Ocelote's team deep in practice for the upcoming season two finals. This result could be bump in SK's preparation, but with Curse looking strong in online tournaments there was no shame in the defeat. With only three teams in each group, these two wins mean that Curse are guaranteed to reach the next stage, no matter what the results of the other games are.

Elsewhere, the recently renamed Warsaw Five were able to overcome Gamehoppers in Group B. The Poles won the odd game in the three game series to make a great start in what is probably the most evenly-matched group. The whole group will be decided by Thursday night and could still go in any direction.

Finally, M5 vs Mouz was postponed due to some technical problems. That Group A game is now scheduled for 17:00 CET on Tuesday.

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