Rose.Of.Dream. publishes new maps

General Marius “LML” Z
Rose.Of.Dream. has been creating maps for OGN in the past and was now hired by Sonic to make four new maps for Sonic's BJ StarLeague.

After KeSPA is not supporting StarCraft:BroodWar any longer with the latest ProLeague season just finished, their old map makers are no longer hired by them to create new StarCraft maps for them.
Instead, though, Sonic hired Rose.Of.Dream., a former OGN map maker, to create four new maps for his BJ StarLeague. The StarLeague started this week and the round of 16 contains one of these maps already.

1. 번 금성철벽 0.80 - Steel Wall 0.80

2. 번 살수대첩 0.93 - Battle of Salsu 0.93

3. 번 풍운 0.80 - Wind and Cloud 0.80

4. 번 파미르 고원 0.80 - Pamir Plateau 0.80

There are no download links for all of the maps available, but only for the latter two. They can be downloaded here.

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