Defending champions Pacific.emaxx crash out of group stages 0-4

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 11 August 2012 16:21

Probably the biggest upset of the GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament this month is the performance of two-time defending champions Pacific.emaxx. Ending up at the bottom of Group D with four losses, fellow compatriots Mineski easily top the group with a host of tiebreaker matches to be played.

The only tiebreaker match which was played happened to be an epic game between Neolution and Pacific.Palit, where a sixty minute backdoor by Windrunner with Focus Fire stole the win for Neolution just as their own throne was getting sieged.

Meanwhile, tiebreaker matches between iDeal and Dreamz, MSIEvoGT and iZONE, Deperruku and Baucat as well as Hurt Me Not and Mineski are set to start at 04:00 CET tomorrow live, so be sure to tune in for that.

It looks like our predictions did not go as planned. What are yours, for tomorrow's playoffs?

GEST August Group Stage
Group AGroup B
Thailand Neolution3/1 Thailand iDeal.GIGABYTE3/1
Malaysia Invasion ReD3/1 Philippines Dreamz3/1
Philippines Pacific.Palit3/1 Indonesia eNcy2/2
Thailand Mango eSport1/3 Indonesia X Team2/2
Indonesia Ritter ART0/4 Vietnam SkyNet0/4
Group CGroup D
Philippines iZONE.GIGABYTE3/1 Philippines Mineski3/1
Philippines MSIEvo GT3/1 Thailand Hurt Me Not3/1
Indonesia deperruku2/2 Myanmar G72/2
Vietnam BauCat2/2 Cambodia SVR_Es2/2
Vietnam Starsboba0/4 Philippines Pacific.eMaxx0/4

Scrimmage report

Group D
Cambodia SVR_EsPhilippines Pacific.emaxx
Faerie Dragon Pandaren Brewmaster Prophet Guardian Wisp Stealth AssassinGrand Magus Earthshaker Queen of Pain Chaos Knight Slithereen Guard

An interesting lineup from the Cambodian side caught Pacific.emaxx off guard in the early stages of the game, with Prophet teleporting all over the map supported by the Relocated pair of Wisp and Rikimaru - this scenario netted Sentinel a couple of kills over the Philippine team.

With most of map control dominated by SVR_Es, the decision to enter Pacific.emaxx's base at 22 minutes was quickly overturned by an Earthshaker with a Blink Dagger which the Cambodian team did not expect. A simple Echo Slam and Fissure combo later gave Earthshaker a triple kill and forced SVR_Es to back off.

Pacific then decided to head for Roshan, but this was swiftly defended by SVR_Es, who were not only able to take the fight successfully, but placed the Aegis on Prophet (who lost it soon enough pushing top lane). The score was 27-27 at 30 minutes.

The power of SVR_Es' lineup soon showed itself at 34 minutes, when Wisp, Rikimaru and Prophet teleported into top barracks and managed to claim the melee rax by backdooring. Both teams then decided to recuperate and play passive for ten mimnutes.

The second backdoor attempt came at 45 minutes when SVR_Es managed to take out mid barracks against a Filipino team who was seemingly unable to prevent this with Black King Bar on Rikimaru and Panda's Primal Split. Pacific.emaxx seemed to be at a lost.

Finally, the last backdoor attempt came at 55 minutes, when SVR_Es just stormed into bottom barracks with Black King Bars and Primal Split, taking out the final barracks for mega creeps which eventually cleared the naked throne and spelling Pacific.emaxx's fourth defeat in the group stage.