DreamHon: Carries, Casts and Calcium - Week 4 Recap

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 11 August 2012 16:03
That's right, we are in week five, just three weeks left to go. Just a couple of matches to get through, just a couple more thrilling weeks, just 45 matches left to bring points, drama and BreakyCPK shouting. Let's forget about the future for a second and focus on the awesome plays from the past week.

Match of the Week
Europe FackyouKurdi
Other Vitriolic
The VoDs are not out in the edited form. video with all three maps, for now

Second straight "Match of the Week" honor for Vitriolic, who pulled out an absolute heartbreaking victory over the suprise team of the tournament - FackyouKurdi.

The first match started out very well for the underdogs FyKu, who could utilize a ganking Ophelia very well. Extab controlled his jungling ganker very well and helped to win the middle lane, while Plague Rider and Valkyrie were battling it out at the bottom lane and Brized farmed in the jungle and Wretched Hag and Magebane were in a stalemate top. That Magebane still seemed to become the greatest factor of this match, because of his very solid farm once he was left alone. Unfortunately, he joined teamfights a little bit too late and so FyKu had to play catch up after vtrl came away with some impressive teamfights in the mid-game. Still Magebane came back and put some glimpses of hope back into FyKu, but in the end a farmed War Beast in combination with the rest of vtrl was just to much to handle for them, not even the Doombringer on Magebane was enough to alter that fact.

Some teams would have collapsed after such a close match that was completely in reach, but FackyouKurdi responded in a different way. They took vtrl to "Stomp-City" and underlined their ambition and intention to remain undefeated in Group C. 19 Minutes and a "Champion of Newerth" streak later by ShiZzor on Torturer the fans could plan their evening with a third and deciding map on who gets the pole position in the group.

That Ace Match went pretty similar to the first map, FyKu could get a pretty good lead in the early game and early-mid game, but in the end vtrl pulled away. This decider was even closer for FyKu then the first clash, because of a much bigger lead going into the middle portion of the game. FyKu didn't only gank better, but they were able to hold the strong combination Nymphora/Pebbles in check and with a Keeper of the Forest farming in the jungle, they seemed to be poised to take the series home. Vitriolic had other plans though, after a couple of really good teamfights, featuring great PR ultimates, fantastic "Bat Blasts" and a Cthulhuphant, who tanked pretty much everything, FyKu had to concede, giving vtrl the almost secure playoff spot.

Other notable matches:

Europe FiT vs. Singapore iMpunity : Granted, it was originally scheduled to be a Week 3 match, but it was played this week. Both teams played great, all three maps were absolutely close. Comebacks, great teamfights, what more can you ask for? (VoDs: 1 / 2 / 3.1 / 3.2)

Teams of the Week

Drafter Carry Allrounder Support Carry
United States Moiravus United States CaKesUnited States MookiezUnited States Kreamz United States Shamsz

Third week in this category, fourth consecutive victory over a good opponent, fourth consecutive strong performance. ClanMilk is establishing themselves as the team to look out for. In the highlight match against flawless team TmRy, they remained flawless. Two dominant victories against one of the toughest teams in this tournament, three victories over the top teams and only a few steps away from entering the playoffs. The most notable thing about this win this week was not the fact that they absolutely dominated the All-Star team around Swindlemelonzz, Fittske and Reelo, but that they did it without their Drafter and Carry Kookiez. He was absent so Moiravus took over the drafting and Shamsz went on to carry the team, quite successfully. The team now holds direct wins over tdM, fnatic and TmRy and the door to the playoffs is wide open.

Support Allrounder Jungle/Ganker Allrounder Allrounder
United States miikeys Sweden DarkwonyxUnited States BrizedSweden Bassets Sweden Zetpro
vtrl used Bassets as a ringer, usually Costa Rica ZaxiroK is a member of this squad.

Another team that was featured in a "Clash of the Undefeated", another team that had to utilize a ringer, another team that walked away with a victory. Vitriolic turned heads in the first week, when they upset the runner-up of the DreamHon event, Tt eSports. The noise around this team wasn't fading away after they were able to put the Malaysians from MuFC and the Europeans from CallItKarma away, but the masterpiece came this past week with the victory over FackyouKurdi. Usually this match would have been just another game, but with the implications and the victories over Tt eSports and MuFC in the back, vtrl could almost secure the playoff spot already. And the international roster delivered not only a fantastic series, but also the victory. The victory that elevated them into the top spot in the group, the victory that puts them in the driver seat, the victory that most likely secured the playoff spot. The fight for the second place is still open, but Vitriolic sits on the mountain looking down.

Orange eSports
Drafter Mid Jungle/Ganker Suicide Support
Malaysia `MrGhost Malaysia HandelababyMalaysia _wangwangMalaysia XXF_ Malaysia Shuiyu

The only team that won twice last week, the only team that already has five wins and the only team that is just one victory away from the playoffs. Orange eSports is in full controll over Group A with an undefeated record and just one victory to go. Last week they won against QsQ 357 and QsQ 613 to boost themselves to a outstanding 5-0 record, a two game cushion between themselves and Pikachu with the direct duel next. When ORGE remains undefeated against Pikachu tonight it serves the HoN community in two ways. We all get at least on SEA team to watch in the playoffs and the race for the second spot in Group A gets as tight as it can be. Three teams would be at a 3-2 record and a tiebreaker could fail with Lions and Pikachu having no direct duel to break it, fun times ahead for the admins. That sure doesn't concern ORGE who are looking to clinch the playoffs as the very first team in this competition.

Other great teams this week:

United States compLexity Gaming is a constant guest in this category. The only thing that is missing for the powerhouse team to make the list above is a top tier opponent - those will follow in the next weeks. With the schedule bringing them BoCe, Dynasty, SOSH and the old DreamOn first, they could only get into this category after the blowout victory over DreamOn. A win against FIT would do wonders and they would make it into the detailed team category above.

Europe It's Gosu finally made the big splash into this tournament with a absolute vicious victory over Singapore team iMpunity. The SEA team had absolutely no chance against the new TiG lineup, which is continuing to close in on those two coveted spots.

Individual Awards

Individual Award recipient
PestilenceSweden Aellgi Sweden Lions 12/1/5 Initiation at it's best

To single out this performance by Aellgi seems a little bit weird after he went 9/0/6 on a Plague Rider the first map against QsQ 613, but numbers are not everything. The individual performance award goes to the Swedish player because of his awesome initiation on the second map. Everytime he PKed, you could be sure of a great position for a stun. The timing was absolutely splendid, the initiation allowed his team to absolutely demolish the QsQ 613 team and he even had the highlight play of the game. Initiating, taking a lot of damage, but surviving, waiting in the forest with under 100 HP but enough mana, getting a kill with a perfect blink just out of sight of everybody, including the tower, so nobody could react in time - a thing of beauty.

Individual Award recipient
TempestSweden iNsania Europe It's Gosu 7/1/7 Ganking can decide games

iNsania is considered to be one of the top Tempest players in this game, but his performance against iMpunity on the first map went even beyond that reputation. His ganks early in the game brought his team a very huge lead going into the mid-game. After picking up the first kill on the top lane, he went for a two-man ultimate on the bottom lane, helping both lanes to dominate. After 7 minutes he had participated in all six kills, had four kills on his own and had basically taken out a Glacius in the enemy forest single-handedly. He was the leading farmer throughout the game, only getting caught by Khezu on Magebane very late in the game - considering minute 20 late.

Individual Award recipient
ForsakenArcherMalaysia Nick_Oks` Malaysia MuFC 12/1/11 Blink? I don't care

Nick_Oks` is usually the player in the middle lane for MuFC, for this individual award he shifted to the bottom lane and it sure paid off. He took over the game very early, dominating the opposing Magebane hard. Throughout the match Nick_Oks` couldn't care less about the Blink ability on the opposing heroes like Magebane or Wretched Hag, getting them both a couple of times. This early holding MB down, the mid-game getting kills on Hag, lead to a dominant carry in the late game, almost picking up the Annihilation in the last fight - with insane damage through a DD rune. His Crippling Volley was spot on, his ultimates were great and his farm was brilliant.

Other notable performances:

United States Shamsz - United States ClanMilk : Jumping in as a replacement for Kookiez is not the easiest task, but Shamsz delivered a near perfect performance on both maps, playing Moraxus and Forsaken Archer. Both heroes got 13 kills, Moraxus didn't die, FA just three times. The math shows a 8.7:1 KD ratio with an average of 553 GPM.

Honorary Award
United States Nick 'BreakyCPK' Caras United States Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl

It's time for a huge thanks to those two casters of this tournament. For the last couple of weeks they have been online and casting a game every single day, granted it is their job, but still the coverage those two providing is just great. Getting nice interviews before a game, putting awesome casts together with funny remarks, spot on analysis and great play-by-play commentary, all the way to the post-game interviews. The job Breaky and Tralf are doing is absolutely amazing. Running gags like the "Shrunken Head" praise by Tralfamadore or typical phrases like "XY doing his XY thing" followed by "But at what cost" are pushing the entertainment value to a top level. Both are getting to know each others style, both are getting better and the team is getting better. Deserving of some "Honorary Award" don't you think?