G7 steal win against MSIEvoGT in GEST July

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 21 July 2012 09:58

The Gigabyte eSports Tournament International DotA Cup is heating up as the first round of matches go under way. After an unimpressive showing at past editions of GEST, Myanmar team G7 shake double-GEST champions MSIEvoGT in their first match of the playday to come out top of Group C.

Group C
Philippines iZone.GIGABYTEPhilippines Pacific.emaxx
Dark Seer Grand Magus Dragon Knight Chaos Knight Keeper of the LightBeastmaster Sand King Tormented Soul Lycanthrope Faerie Dragon

Stream onlookers were able to catch a glimpse of pure Filipino DotA action with iZone taking on Pacific.emaxx. While the former were able to pull ahead during the laning stage with kills and towers, they allowed Scourge back into the game after a series of team fights which went in Pacific's way.

Ultimately, the physical damage output of Sentinel's lineup proved too much for Pacific to handle and they crashed out after a push into middle barracks.

The second streamed match of the day is already halfway through with David casting the spotlight on MSIEvoGT and SVR_ES. Be sure to tune in!

Group AGroup B
Malaysia Invasion ReD1/0/03Philippines iZone.GIGABYTE1/0/03
Philippines Pacific.Palit1/0/03Thailand Mango.eSport1/0/03
Indonesia eNcy0/0/00Vietnam PokerStar0/0/00
Thailand iDeal.GIGABYTE0/0/10Philippines Pacific.emaxx0/0/10
Laos Plz.DotA0/0/10Indonesia Deperruku0/0/10
Group CGroup D
Myanmar G71/0/03Vietnam SkyNet1/0/03
Indonesia XcN0/0/00Philippines Ledion Dreamz0/0/00
Vietnam Starsboba0/0/00Thailand Neolution0/0/00
Cambodia SVR_Es0/0/00Vietnam Xgame0/0/00
Philippines MSIEvo GT0/0/10Philippines Mineski.Powercolor0/0/10