$2500 Altitude ISL Round of 32

General Marius “LML” Z
After the group stage of the $2500 Altitude ISL has finished and given us the 28 players for the next stage, the round of 32 can begin.

With 28 players from the group stage and the 4 invites, the round of 32 is complete and can kick off.
The four invites are non other than the two Hungarian Zergs who faced in last season's finale, Sziky and Ace, the Russian Terran Pro7ecT and the US-American Zerg Michael.

Four matches are scheduled per playday, which range over the course of two weeks with Saturday and Sunday being set as the playdays.
While Hacklebeast and EleGant are going to cast the Saturday matches at 21CET, L_Master is going to cast the Sunday matches at 19CET.

The race distribution goes into 11 Zergs, 4 Terrans, 12 Protoss and 5 players who play more than just one race.

The bracket is to be found over at the official Altitude ISL website.

The mappool for this round will consist of Jade, Neo Aztec, New Bloody Ridge, Match Point and Icarus, in that order.

teamliquid.net - Source
altitudeisl.net - Bracket