TobiWan denies joinDOTA hosting offline events

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
When asked about possible Dota 2 offline events hosted by joinDOTA or Freaks4U, Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson says 'probably not'.

"Offline events are just too expensive," the Australian caster admits. Freaks4U has success with online tournaments and will probably stick to that. This also rejects hopes for offline finals for the anticipated second edition of The Defense.

With the finals of the Defense tournament, joinDOTA's TobiWan reached a new record in visitors, peaking over 30.000 viewers. In a video interview in his Berlin office with he reviews the Defense final Na'Vi versus Quantic. He explicitly thanks Valve for their fast support with the lag issues.

Toby Dawson explains the weakness of Anti-Mage and says he is expecting Tiny to become a hero picked regularly. Although living in Berlin for 9 months by now, he states: "Seeing more of Berlin is still on my to-do-list." Concerning Asia, he expects Asian teams to get crushed by Europeans whenever they meet due to the current push-heavy metagame in Europe.