ESL Major Series Qualifier 3 Complete

Posted by Seb "shinkz" Torr at 04 March 2012 06:07
Another ESL qualifier has been completed with many well-known teams participating in this large event. Teams such as Clan Milk, HoNPortal, Blackfade and Decerto joined up in the second last qualifier for their shot into the group stages and for a chance at the large prize pool.

It is noted that this part of the tournament is merely a qualifier for stage 2 (group stage) where teams will meet the top three teams from each of the qualifiers as well as the top 3 teams from season IX of the ESL EMS. For this reason the semi-finals of these qualifiers are best of one matches, as are the grand final of these qualifiers. They will be used for seeding purposes.

Semi-Finals Results
Europe HoNPortal 1 Europe EMBG 0
Europe Blackfade 0 Europe Decerto 1

Clan Milk was unable to reach the semi-finals of this qualifier after losing to HoNPortal in the second round. The recently active Finish team Isot Pelit was also taken down in the second round by the newly formed Blackfade team. In the semi-finals HoNPortal beat EMBG and Blackfade went down against Decerto.
Grand Final Results
Europe HoNPortal 1 Europe Decerto 0

In the Grand Final, HoNPortal was able to take down the Decerto. Both these newer teams have been looking really strong in the past few weeks and along with Blackfade of whom won the third place match-up will join the group stages of this tournament.

Sign ups are still open for the 4th and final qualifier for the ESL Major Series X so head on over to the ESL EMS website to sign you and your team up.

Remaining Qualifiers:
Sunday, 4th March 15:00 CEST - Qualification Cup #4

1st - 2,500 €
2nd - 1,500 €
3rd - 1,000 €

Visit the ESL EMS HoN Website for more information and registrations - linked here

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