Mineski knocks LGD to SMM loser's bracket

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

One of China's frontrunners to win the competition have fallen at SMM. The pinoys are on a roll, being the first South East Asian team to defeat a Chinese team. LGD are knocked down to the Loser's Bracket, while Mineski will proceed on to the Semi Finals of SMM.

Round of 8
Philippines MI.PowerColorChina LGD
Chaos Knight Lycanthrope Lone Druid
Holy Knight Broodmother Shadow Demon
Faerie Dragon Demon Witch
Spectre Prophet
Windrunner EarthshakerBatrider
Ancient ApparitionCrystal Maiden Anti-Mage
Queen of Pain Slithereen Guard
Oblivion Venomancer
Earthshaker Mski.wtz.PColor (Top)
Windrunner Mski.Jay.PColor (Top)
Ancient Apparition Mski.RR.PColor (Top)
Slithereen Guard Mski.mAy.PColor (Mid)
Queen of Pain Mski.JLZ.PColor (Bot)
Anti-Mage Taobao.LGD.Syla (Top)
Venomancer Taobao.LGD.ddc (Top)
Oblivion Taobao.LGD.8 (Mid)
Batrider Taobao.LGD.Yao (Bot)
Crystal Maiden Taobao.LGD.DD (Jungle)

After netting first blood on Crystal Maiden, the decision to have Mineski's trilane meet LGD's paid off for the former, who were able to net off a couple of early kills on the back of well executed ganks by Ancient Apparition, Earthshaker and Windrunner. Sylar's Antimage, however, was still able to get decent farm in the first twenty minutes, completing a Vanguard by ten and a Treads by fifteen.

Meanwhile, on the bottom lane, kills went in both Queen of Pain and Batrider's way as they went aggressively against each other, the former taking advantage of her burst damage to kill off Batrider whenever he could land a couple of stacks of sticky napalm while the latter aggressively tower diving whenever Queen of Pain had her Blink on cooldown.

With a gank oriented lineup on the sentinel side, Mineski threw LGD off guard with a couple of smoke ganks during the mid-twenty minutes. An early mekansm on Windrunner further spoiled LGD's hope of turning around Mineski's smoke ganks.

Despite pulling back Sentinel's advantage after Mineski went overly aggressive in LGD's middle barracks (killing off Slardar twice and removing his aegis), constant pressure was applied on Antimage with the entire team staying within the neutral forests as much as possible, and putting Sylar on the defensive.

Mineski further enlarged their advantage after LGD's smoke gank at middle lane went horribly wrong for them. An immediate TP from Slardar to Sentinel's mid tier 2 tower meant that Mineski had the entire team on LGD's heels. An epic shackleshot by Windrunner caught Pugna and Batrider as they were retreating, and Mineski easily killed them off.

With two heroes down, LGD went on full turtle mode as they waited for Sylar to get a Black King Bar after he completed his Manta Style. By the time that happened, Mineski had already claimed LGD's bottom barracks and were roaming the map hoping to catch one of LGD's heroes in an off position.

Mineski's break finally came at fifty minutes when a lone Antimage farming bottom-lane creeps at their base was ambushed by a smoked Earthshaker who immediately released an Echo Slam. Even as the rest of LGD were able to enter the fight in a matter of seconds, the ridiculous amount of burst damage on Sentinel's lineup made sure that Antimage did not get an opportunity to active his BKB before he was wiped off.

With only 500g in Sylar's bank account, Mineski took Scourge's middle barracks. As they proceeded to the top, LGD uttered China's first 'GG', and they became the first China team to fall.

Mineski, on the other hand, calmly sat in their chairs, with no visible expression of the ectasy that their tremendous upset warranted. Perhaps, they quietly believed they could win it all, and they just might - they will next face the winner of iG vs DK.