DotA Talk: SMM Special and Dreamhack Wrap-up

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
With SMM coming up in just four days, it seems fitting that we have a special episode dedicated to the event.

This week's episode will feature guests from the different teams that will be attending SMM. We will pick their brains regarding their preparations for SMM, expectations and team roster for the event.

The confirmed international team list for SMM Grand National DotA Tournament will be announced on the show tomorrow as well. So if you want to know who made the cut. Be sure to tune in at 1700 CET on Tuesday.

Of course we will do a wrap up on the recently concluded Dreamhack Dota 2 tournament as well. Tournament admin, Tjernobylbarnet will join us for this segment.

Confirmed guests lineup:
Singapore Michael "Xtremist" Phee
Singapore Kimberlyn "Kimchi" See
Malaysia Daniel "TooFuckingGood" Wong

More guests will confirm their attendance in due time. So watch this space for more guests!

Unfortunately due to lack of viewers, this will be our very last episode of DotA Talk. We would appreciate it if you guys tune in to our final episode. See you on air!

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