MUFC pulls through in ROCCAT GosuCup Grand Finals

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong

In a GosuGamers' first, MUFC makes an amazing comeback after being down 2 games in the Grand final series to become the first Asian team to win a GosuCup.

The series started out with the Germans, .exe taking the first game by employing a deadly Lycan and Omniknight combo. It allowed them to push the lanes fast and shut down MUFC fast winning the game in just a little over 30 minutes.

In game two, .exe surprised MUFC by picking a hero that is not used lately in the current metagame, Lifestealer. With Lifestealer being supported by Earthshaker and Ancient Apparition in the early game, they were able to shut down MUFC's Pugna pick allowing Lifestealer to farm up his core items with ease and proceeded to the win game for .exe bringing the score to 2-0 in favor of the Germans.

.exe had to win one more game to take home the $2,500 prize money, but that did not put down MUFC at all. By picking their two signature heroes, Obsidian Destroyer and Chen they were able to turn the tides around. Even when MUFC's Sand King was having a hard time at top against a tri lane of Broodmother, Ancient Apparition and Enigma, the team kept calm and played to their strengths. With some great teamwork and great individual skill gave MUFC the victory.

Game four started of with fair standard picks until .exe went for a very unorthodox pick in the current metagame, Shadow Fiend. MUFC responded with Antimage as their carry of choice. The game went fairly one sided with bad engages by .exe causing MUFC to gain quick advantage and ending the game in quick succession. MUFC ties up the series 2-2. If you like good Chen replays, be sure to check out MUFC-Ling's Chen in game four. Definitely the MVP of the game. You can check out the VOD for game four just below.

It is all down to the wire in the fifth and final game of the series. Whoever wins this wins the $2,500. Game five is by far the best game in the series, you would not know who won the game only until the very end. MUFC went off to a great start off the bat, getting a 4 player team wipe on .exe. But the Germans stayed calm and took their time with the game and came back in terms of hero kills in mid game. However in the end, great teamwork combined with individual skill allowed MUFC to pull of great ganks after ganks. Not to mention taking down more towers than .exe as well. .exe calls GG when they lost one final teamfight. You can watch the VOD for this great game just below.

On behalf of GosuGamers, we would like to thank our sponsor, ROCCAT for giving us the opportunity to host this tournament. Congratulation to MUFC for winning and .exe for reaching it this far and to every other team that participated in our GosuCup.

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