Tasteless still casting BroodWar

General Marius “LML” Z
With GomTV shutting down their english cast with Tasteless and his several co-hosts there is something going on for quite some while which seems to have slipped our eyes.

Apparently Tasteless has this job since 4 years already and he is casting together with Jason Lee on a weekly BroodWar cast over at Arirang TV.

You can find the latest episode in their e-Sports show video on demand section.
In order to watch those VOD's you need to register (valid E-mail address for varification) and have the Windows Media Player plugin, which is available for FireFox over here.

The show airs every Thursday and there is also a schedule on the website.
The casted games are already about 2 years old, the cast however is apparently only very few weeks old.
If you have cable TV it appears that you can watch Arirang TV and hence also watch this show on your TV on thursdays.

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