Fifth qualifier done

General Marius “LML” Z
The fifth out of six qualifiers has finished with a postponed second semi finale last night. This means we are only in need of two more players to go into the next rounds, but first see who managed to qualify this week, the first Protoss made it in!

In the fifth qualifier of the GosuCup Season 1 we finally found the first Protoss player for the group stages. Hopefully we can find at least yet another Protoss next week to throw into the mix of mainly Zergs and a couple of Terran players.
The group stage will be played the week after the sixth qualifier with twelve players in it, divided into 4 groups à 3 players and every player playing the other two in a best of three with each individual win giving 1 point. Losing 1-2 compared to 0-2 is pretty good here.
Those eight remaining players will get put into a bracket the week after with best of three in the first round and best of five in the following rounds. While the winner will take the $100 prizepool all on his own, the top four will also qualify for the second season's groupstage already. GosuCup Season 2 will hold a total of $500.

This week, however, we got two more players into the mix. The first being the Polish Zerg player gNs.I-trutaCz who managed to overcome this week's surprise dM-Cryoc who is a Terran from Germany and managed to take down notable players on his way to the semi finale.
On the other side of the bracket the Italian Protoss iFU.AlfiO managed to overcome all of his opponents and save the pride of Aiur in this tournament.

As usual here are some questions, answered by the two qualified players.

Did you think you would make it after seeing the bracket at first?

trutaCz: Yes I definitely knew that I will make it after seeing the bracket. There were not any better players than me in the upper side of the bracket.
AlfiO: Well, my half of the bracket wasn't too difficult and my only fear were CaStrO and LancerX, but luckily I didn't have to face them.

Who was your hardest opponent?

trutaCz: Well I think nobody was too hard to beat but if I have to pick someone I will choose Elena.
AlfiO: My games weren't actually that hard, except my first game against dM-strOke in the finale against mass mutas. It's always annoying to play a zerg who abuses mutas (winks).

What is your impression of the event so far?

trutaCz: It's awesome to see more and more SC events so I am very happy for being able to take part in GosuCup. I think this tournament has nice organisation but there's one very important thing to fix in the second season of this event. You guys have to somehow fix the limit of players for qualification because 32 isn't enough for this awesome event and some people can't play because they registred too late (frowns).
AlfiO: I think such events are great. Keep BW alive and show some foreign scene!

You are the first Protoss that qualified. Are you proud of your race to finally make it in?

AlfiO: Oh, I didn't know that I'm the first Protoss. Well, I am very proud of my race because I've basically macro style and that's a huge advantage. Protoss forever!

If you are interested in watching the matches you can do so by either going to the bracket and download the replays or by going to Sayle's YouTube channel where he organized all the VOD's by games or his channel if you don't mind simply watching the whole broadcast.

The next qualifier will be played this upcoming Sunday at 19CET. Stay tuned for more information on it, registration will open on Wednesday.

Links - Take a look at the bracket and get the replays - Sayle's channel - Sayle's YouTube channel