WDC Giveaway Results

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

As part of an earlier giveaway contest for the World DotA Championships (see), the crew in Wuhan, China approached players at the event for their autographs and a winner was randomly selected. Anuj Kamble from India will now walk away with an autographed official WDC T-Shirt.

Because the signatures collected on the original item (Mousepad) were faded - the silver marker did not stand out - an official WDC long-sleeved shirt was used in place of the mousepad. Some of the signatures collected on the shirt include the entire NaVi squad, DeMoN, Burning, xB, Chuan and many more.

Out of a total of eleven news and almost three hundred distinct participants, Anuj Kamble has been selected as the lucky winner of the autographed shirt. A personal message has been sent to the winner via Facebook.