WDC Participants List and Schedule

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
It's on us folks, WDC is arriving fast. Today the participant's list and the tournament's schedule were released to the public. With a lot of Chinese teams in this year - Due to three teams having to pull out - will we see an EU/SEA team take the prize?

WDC'11 Invited Teams
Male Teams
United States EGThailand MiTH.TrustChina Nv.cnChina WE
Ukraine Na'ViChina DKChina PanDaChina Tyloo
Malaysia OrangeChina iG.YChina AOLChina MT
Thailand iDealChina iG.ZChina TongFuChina LGD
Female Teams
China EVE China TsuChina GG Thailand MiTH.try

November 11th
10:00Group A/B first round
Women's first semi-final
11:00Group C/D first round
13:00Group A/B second round
Women's second semi-final
14:00Group C/D second round
15:30Group A/B third round
17:00Group C/D third round
November 12th
10:00Women's third place match
13:00Quarter finals
November 13th
10:00Third place match
12:30Women's grand final
15:00Grand final
17:30Closing ceremony

*Note - The schedule is timed at +7 CET.

With three teams notably missing from the participants list, the teams being Next.kz who weren't able to attend the event because their passports weren't in order. The Russian's M5 who disbanded. And lastly Mineski because of WCG.

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