DotAlicious opens the Dungeon

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Bad players with habits such as leaving, griefing and the like exist in any DotA platform around. While the normal response to this is banning the player, DotAlicious came up with a different idea for this.

Banning players is effective in the short run, but in the long run its effectivity is arguable. DotAlicious is here with a platform that brings a new way of dealing with such players in a way that still allows them to keep playing.

Meet the Dungeon, a completely new area only for banned players. This will allow banned players to keep on playing on the platform without interfering with the games of other players. But, as a proper dungeon, it has some guidelines to follow.

-No account xp/points will be lost or won;
-No statistics will be tracked;
-The game is automatically muted at the start;
-Only MM games will be possible.
-Only banned players that fit these requirements:
*More than 6 active penalties
*1 to 25 days of ban time

After the ban time is over, players from the dungeon are able to resume their normal activities on DotAlicious. This system is still in the early stages, so feel free to contact the DLG admins for feedback and please mind the tone or else you might end up in the Dungeon.

According to DotAlicious' Aussie, "It's not supposed to be moderated or even enjoyable there. It's simply so you can crush your dota addiction while being banned".

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