GosuCup returns with $100

General Marius “LML” Z

Who still remembers the old GosuCup? Well, it's back, six qualifiers, $100 and a chance to qualify for the next season.

We've bugged you several times with our Beta Cups to test our new platform over at play.gosugamers.net, and now, we finally bring you a tournament that will make proper use of it.

This tournament will be the first season of the renewed GosuCup and will hold a prize pool of $100, winner takes it all. But the top four of this season will automatically qualify for the next season, which will hold no less than $500.

How does it work?

It's very simple. We will hold six qualifiers, each at Sunday evenings at 19CET, starting this upcoming Sunday.

The qualifiers hold a cap of 32 players so check in quickly to stand a chance. The two finalists of each qualifier who will qualify for the group stage are not eligible for playing in another qualifier.

After those six weeks, a groupstage of four groups each consisting of three players will be held also on a Sunday ( 19:00 CET ). Each player will play the other two players in his group in a best of three, where the individual games will count as the score that will determine who will advance. The two players of each group with the most points advance to the next stage which will be held the week after.

This stage will consist of a single elimination bracket with the remaining eight players, starting with a best of five in the round of eight and semi finals and a best of seven in the grand finale.

The winner of the grand finale will win the $100, and all semi finalists will automatically qualify for the second season which will hold a total prizepool of $500.

Who can participate?

Everyone who is not currently listed as banned on our blacklist can partake in the joy of StarCraft, the chance of qualifying to the next stage, and a shot at the prizemoney.

How to sign up?

Simply head over to play.gosugamers.net, sign in, and click on "My profile" at the top right. Enter your gaming account for iCCup and after that go to the GosuCup Qualifier that is up next and sign up. Please don't forget to check in up to 45 minutes before the tournament starts!

TOURNAMENT: GosuCup Season 1

Where and when?

The tournaments will be held on iCCup's StarCraft server and we will meet in the channel GosuGamers over there.

The time is shown at every tournaments and will always be Sundays at 19:00 CET. If you are unsure of what CET is in your timezone check the CET clock on the GosuGamers page.

How to watch?

Sayle will be streaming and casting the tournaments live over at his Twitch.TV channel, but the stream can also be found in our newly added stream section over at play.gosugamers.net. We will add it to the frontpage in case you get lost.
If you are interested in providing an alternate stream with a cast feel free to contact a GosuCrew member of the StarCraft section!
The map pool

We will try to provide an accurate mappool each week consisting of latest KeSPA maps and a user prefered map for which we will add weekly polls on our frontpage, starting next week.

This week's mappool will consist of Alternative 1.3, Neo Beltway 2.0, Neo Aztec 2.1, New Bloody Ridge 2.1 and Circuit Breakers 1.0.

A mappack with the maps and a picture is available here.

Rules and format

Please make sure to read the rules before signing up, not knowing the proper rules is a disadvantage and can cause problems for you and your opponents and puts an extra workload on the admins.

They also contain the mappool and the format for each round.

Go read the rules. Now.

If anything is unclear feel free to ask in the comments below.

play.gosugamers.net - Sign up now; don't forget to check in
dl.dropbox.com - Download the mappack
twitch.tv - Watch the stream live when the time has come