SMM reverts back to DotA

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
There was much outcry from the DotA community after SMM opted to use Dota 2 for their Grand Final event. But, after much discussion among the administration team as well as many opinions voiced from various parties, SMM have decided to go back to their roots and use DotA instead.

A lot of reasons were given by fans of DotA for why the original should be used instead of its sequel, Dota 2. Some of them include the limited hero pool, accessibility of the game, being an incomplete game and many more. All arguments can be put to rest now that SMM have decided to go back to WC3 DotA.

The Grand Final event will be held in Midvalley Exhibition Center from the 2nd to 4th December.

This means that SMM will end the year with DotA before Dota 2 takes over.

SMM Grand National DotA Finals
Tournament Details
Date:2nd-4th December 2011
Venue:Mid Valley Exhibition Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Prize distribution
Champion:RM 55,000(~$18,000) Cash + Trophy + sponsored product
1st Runner Up:RM 25,000(~$8,000) Cash + Trophy + sponsored product
2nd Runner Up:RM 16,000(~$5,000) Cash + Trophy + sponsored product
4th Place:RM 10,000 Cash(~$3,000) + Sponsored Product
5th Place:RM 4,000 Cash(~$1,300) + Sponsored Product
6th Place:RM 3,000 Cash(~$1,000) + Sponsored Product
7th Place:RM 2,000 Cash(~$650) + Sponsored Product
8th Place:RM 1,500 Cash(~$500) + Sponsored Product

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