GosuGamers welcomes another Korean addition

General Marko “marCoon” Karacic

We're glad to announce that we have yet another Korean addition. This time it is a much more unknown player by the name of Byung Kwan "IcaruS" Han and he plays Terran. He is a former STX Pro-gaming team trainee and also stays in the ProS team house with our other members.

We put together a replay package with some fresh IcaruS replays. See him take on players as MVPGenius, IceBlink, YouRush and last but not least MskiJaBito. Enjoy!

Due to 3 of our players living in the ProS team house and playing a lot with members of the house, they noticed IcaruS talent as Terran. He is a top 200 grandmaster Terran player on the Korean ladder and was previously a STX trainee in StarCraft: Brood War.

Of course him and our other Team GosuGamers members will try to qualify for November's GSL Code A and we wish them the best of luck with that.


Name: Byung Kwan "IcaruS" Han
Age: 18
Country: Korea Korea
Race: Terran
Q: Welcome to Team GosuGamers! Tell us about yourself!

- Hi, my name is Byung Kwan Han and I am a Terran player. My StarCraft 2 career hasn't taken off yet, but in StarCraft: Brood War I played Zerg and was a trainee for the STX pro-gaming team.

Q: What do you think is your best matchup and why?

- My best matchup would be Terran vs Protoss, since I believe if the Terran player has a good start and plays well he shouldn't be able to lose the game.

Q: Will you be playing in next month's GSL qualifier? What do you think of your chances?

- Of course I will be trying to qualify for Code A, but it is a difficult road to do so, because there are many good players, but just as last time, I will do my best and hardest to qualify for Code A.

Q: Joining GosuGamers, you will be participating in international events. Which ones do you look forward to the most, and what players in GG do you look forward to play with?

- I look forward to playing in any foreign events. Mostly the Zotac's and the daily tournaments Nick, Galaxy and Oasis usually play in. I hope to be able to play in more than just this however, as I know there are a lot more foreign tournaments that I could participate in. I will try to play in as many as I can.

As for players, I look forward to play IdrA and Ret and Morrow, since Nick regards them as the best foreign macro zergs, and I used to play IdrA in Starcraft: Brood War. I guess he probably won't even remember me though, hahaha. But I would like to play him now, this time in StarCraft 2. For Terran and Protoss, I do not know many foreigners of this race. Perhaps DeMusliM, Gosi[Terran] and DDe, since Nick talks about them in high regard too.

Q: What is your practice schedule like in Korea?

- I play about eight to twelve hours a day, depending on how I am feeling. There are many food breaks too.

Q: Favorite Korean player then? MVP, NesTea, MC maybe?

- My favorite player is IMMvP, because of how he handles every situation and I also respected him a lot in StarCraft:BroodWar.

Q: Now for some personal questions so that we can get to know you better! Q: Some personal questions then: Favourite food? Actor? Artist?

My favorite food is either Korean BBQ, chicken or pizza. As for actor, I do not watch many movies, so it is hard to say, but I generally like many actors. There are many Korean singers that are good, so it is also hard to say. These questions are difficult for me to answer, because of so many possiblities, haha.

Q: Any last words for your fans, and shoutouts?

Since I do not have accomplishments in StarCraft 2, no foreigners probably know of me, but I hope to change that. I will practice hard, and this is just the beginning for my StarCraft 2 career, and I hope to really help out GosuGamers and foreigner Korean connections. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

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