Maelk and co part ways with MYM

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Together no more

With the conclusion of "The International" a lot of people are expecting big changes in the pro DotA scene and the first bombshell to hit the DotA scene is the disbandment of MYM.

Having placed fourth in "The International" no one would have expected MYM to dissolve, but the team will no longer exist and the players will go their separate ways. Some will continue to play while others will move on to other commitments.

As of now, it is unknown who will continue playing and who will be taking a break from the pro circuit. More info to come when available.

MYM is arguably one of the oldest team in the history of competitive DotA. It may have gone through a few incarnation, but it always consisted of the same core players in Pusher, Mania and Maelk.

Statement from Maelk, captain of MYM:
-"We have reached the end of an era, and everyone agreed that inorder for us to prepare for the future and meet each our individual dreams and goals we needed to start from a clean slate. For many of us, MYM has been as much a part of our identity in DotA as our own nickname has, but we are confident that moving on is for the best.
The players will finish the year off by doing different things. Some will continue playing competitively while others are taking a break from the pro circuit. Some has obligations outside of the game that they cannot ignore while others wants to focus fullheartedly on DotA for the rest of the year.

Once the new year starts and DotA2 launches, we will most likely meet up and join forces once again!

For now a chapter in DotA will be closed and we look forward to what the future holds.