MC, NaDa to join SK-Gaming for international events

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand
In a joint partnership with Old Generations, SK-Gaming have acquired the two Koreans Min Chul "MC" Jang and Yoon-Yeol "NaDa" Lee. The two will represent the German organization in events outside of South Korea.

NaDa will do his first SK-Gaming representation already at Assembly Summer 2011 in Finland.

- "Today the players MC and NaDa are joining the partnership with SK Gaming and we are really happy for them and thankful to SK for this big opportunity," says oGs manager TheWind. "I will do all the best I can to ensure that both players are bringing good results for the partnership of SK Gaming and oGs."

Managing director of SK-Gaming, Alexander "TheSlasH" Mueller, describes the partnership as one of the most exciting steps the organization has taken in the past few years.

- "Ever since we signed Korean players for our RTS section, it has been a blast. We ar emore than happy to present those two to our community," said Mueller.

MC, the two-time GSL champion, has already proven his worth at international events. Aside from the DreamHack Invitational he also followed it up with a gold medal at Copenhagen Games.

His countryman and team mate NaDa has yet to win a trohpy in StarCraft 2, but has remained a consistent player throughout the GSL seasons. In StarCraft: Brood War he was the first player to be awarded a golden mouse after winning three OSL titles.

SK-Gaming had a long and fruitful period in WarCraft 3 with a Korean star studdered roster including ReMinD and Lyn.

SK previously had a team of European talent, including MaDFroG, jimpo, Joe and inuh. After a couple of months without any notable results, the organization and the players parted ways to move forward.

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