NASL finals kick off tonight at 20:00 CET

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The long NASL journey is coming to an end as the elimination bracket is given start this evening.

After nine weeks of group stage play and a tough open tournament (the latter won by TSL's terran Puma) it all came down to the final 16 that are to battle for the monstrous prize pool of $100,000 at the Ontario Convention Centre. The fight for the NASL crown begins tonight with the round of 16.

NASL Round of 16
Netherlands RetvsSouth Korea Puma
United States ShethvsSouth Korea Squirtle
Sweden MorrowvsSouth Korea July
Germany HasuObsvsSouth Korea Moon
Taiwan SenvsSouth Korea Zenio
Germany DarkforcevsSouth Korea Alive
South Korea SeleCTvsUkraine White-Ra
South Korea BoxervsSouth Korea MC

The caster entourage comprised of Tastosis, Day[9], InControl and Gretorp will be there to cast the whole bracket, the latter now dappled with "Koreans vs Foreigners" face-offs.

The fist match is scheduled to begin at 20:00 CET so don't forget to tune in to to catch all the excitement.

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