Grubby about crossing over to StarCraft 2 in interview

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand
Grubby3.jpgWCReplays continue their "Crossing Over" interview series. This time the "King of Orcs" Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen is asked about the ever so popular topic WarCraft 3 vs. StarCraft 2.

Coming from a rich Warcraft 3 experience, Grubby's switch to StarCraft 2 surely passed no one by unnoticed. Long-running WarCraft 3 community site has conducted an interview with the Dutchman where he speaks of things he learned from his greenskin days.

In the interview he mentions that mindset, tournament experience, the best ways to practice and confidence carried over to StarCraft 2. But some of the WarCraft 3 that carried over even hindered his abilities in StarCraft 2.

- "Overmicroing, different approaches in relation to expansion timings, different priorities, thinking 50-Food armies are effective... but I'm not too bothered by all that anymore," says Grubby.

"A dangerous game for my career"
Grubby is not only a Blizzard RTS fanboy, as he says he is super psyched for upcoming Diablo 3. He does raise a warning's finger over it.

- "I'm super psyched for Diablo III but that's a dangerous game for my progaming career. I'm not sure I should get too involved," says Grubby. "I never played World of Warcraft outside of early beta."

He also mentions how he thought Protoss would be the race most like Orcs, but over time he found them to be more like the Nightelves.

- "I thought Protoss was going to be "the melee race" (because of Zealots) but it's more like Night Elf in the sense that you usually have a big ranged army which needs to squeeze itself in to tight corners in order to be effective," says Grubby.

Check out the full interview here.

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