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General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
In the wake of the critical transition phase, Puppey's main companion of the last years, KuroKy composed a comprehensive and emotional Blog update, in which he summarizes the history of his friendship to the 21-year-old Estonian and announces his nomination to the new Team GosuGamers captain.

The only thing thats known after today is, that the wound of the almost deadly blow that hit Team GosuGamers will take its time to cure. Puppey's departure from our DotA squad costs GGnet it's charismatic captain and irreplaceable member, who lead the team in the installments, New World Order and GosuGamers to the throne of the GosuGamers ranking, taking down two first and two second places in the last major online tournaments.

KuroKy's newest blog entry takes you on a trip back in time, dealing with his first footsteps in competitive DotA at mouzSports and the formation of and its success. The complete recap leaves no questions unanswered transitioning to KuroKy's intermission time at MYM, before reuniting with Puppey in and staying team members until now.

The sadness about the departure is observable in every phrase, yet the long entry finds an optimisic ending and shows the support and unity of the Team GosuGamers members, enforcing KuroKy to take over the captains seat and lead the team into an exciting future.

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