TeamLiquid Star League Ro8 Day 1 Results

General Roy “Phantom” Kwan
The first day of the Round of 8 in the TSL 3 passed with a very close upset in the second match, as Prae.ThorZaIN knocked out oGsMC. Although many people thought oGsMC would win, there were almost as many rooting for Prae.ThorZaIN.

TeamLiquid Starleague Ro8 Day 1
Empire.Kas 3-1 Mill.Adelscott
Ukraine Empire.Kas 1-0 France MillAdelscott
Xel'Naga Caverns » VOD

Ukraine Empire.Kas 1-1 France MillAdelscott
Terminus RE » VOD

Ukraine Empire.Kas 2-1 France MillAdelscott
Crevasse » VOD

Ukraine Empire.Kas 3-1 France MillAdelscott
Tal'Darim Altar » VOD

TeamLiquid Starleague Ro8 Day 1
oGsMC 2-3 Prae.ThorZaIN
SouthKorea oGsMC 0-1 Sweden Prae.ThorZaIN
Shakuras Plateau » VOD

SouthKorea oGsMC 0-2 Sweden Prae.ThorZaIN
Metalopolis » VOD

SouthKorea oGsMC 1-2 Sweden Prae.ThorZaIN
Xel'Naga Caverns » VOD

SouthKorea oGsMC 2-2 Sweden Prae.ThorZaIN
Tal'Darim Altar » VOD

SouthKorea oGsMC 2-3 Sweden Prae.ThorZaIN
Crossfire SE » VOD

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Roy “Phantom” Kwan