MLG 2011 : Tickets and Maps

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

We've gone over the new format of how the tournament is going to be run this year, but there's still a few questions that were left unanswered. What maps are going to be in the MLG pool this year, and when can I get myself a ticket to play against the best in North America and those who make the flight from overseas.

If you weren't aware, tickets for the most popular North American StarCraft 2 event of 2010 are going on sale tonight. 7pm EST or 01:00 CET Wednesday, for $70 you'll be able to take part in the first major lan in 2011 for North America. The event takes place on April 1st until the 3rd, and the tickets go fast.

So now that you know how much it'll cost you to take part in MLG, knowing the maps you're going to be playing on will be something more than helpful.

MLG-Metalopolis.jpg MLG-Scrap-Station.jpg MLG-Shakuras-Plateau.jpg
MLG-Shattered-Temple.jpg MLG-XelNaga-Caverns.jpg



The first five should be very recognizable by now to a lot of people. Metalopolis, Scrap Station, Shakarus Plateau, Shattered Temple (Modified LT) and Xel'Naga Caverns. The two major changes this circuit are the additions of the GSL map Crossfire-SE and the Iccup map Testbug which is making it's rounds through ESL tournaments. With these 7 maps, and ramp blockers (that will deny ramps being blocked from the bottom with minimal buildings) we can be sure that it'll be up to the players who wins, not the maps.

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