ChuaN heads to China once again

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
ChuaN who played in China for nearly a year returned not long ago to Malaysia after SMM concluded. But he is set to return to China, this time playing for one of the best teams in China, LGD.sGty.

When 2011 started, China's DotA scene was hit with a massive reshuffle with all the pro teams suffering from player changes. LGD.sGty lost Sharingan to DK while EHOME loses their core players KingJ and Burning to DK as well. Nirvana.CN lost their main carry player, Zhou, to CCM.

To fill in the void left by Sharigan, LGD calls upon ChuaN from Malaysia who is touted as one of the best Solo players around. ChuaN and LGD.sGty are no stranger to each other as ChuaN was reported to be 2009's replacement when the latter decided to take on a more managerial role.

With the new lease on life for LGD.sGty one can only wonder how they will perform in events that are yet to come.

China ZSMJ (Captain)
China YYF
China ch
China 830
Malaysia ChuaN
China RuRu (Leader)

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