World Cup Post-game Interview: FnaticMSI

General Wei Shen “S_SienZ” Ong

The World Cup finally came to an end yesterday, with FnaticMSI emerging as Champions. After the game, GosuGamers managed to get parties from both sides to talk about the game. Here's the interview with winners FnaticMSI.

What was the thought process during the drafting phase of both games?

Fly: We prepared the 1st game strat few days ago. I came up with some of the heroes to use and brought them up to the rest of the guys and we made it into what it is. Surprise picks are a big factor so we wanted to do that, of course with the proper bans to heroes that will harm our strat.

You guys picked some very surprising picks like Soul Reaper and Electrician which you guys don't usually run. Were you guys saving them for the final or do you just see them as niche picks that fitted?

Fly: 1st game was all prepared. 2nd game was a bit more situational with the picks. I thought about using Electrician as soon as they picked Bubbles because I knew he could beat him 1v1. We also started with something strong like Soulstealer with no proper counter coz we’ve banned all of them, and go from there, but of course always having something in mind.

N0tail: Yeah, 2nd game was more of grab some of this and use Electrician vs Bubbles.

... it (3-0 sweep vs SK) wasn’t really as surprising as you might think...
- [MSI] N0tail
Having gone into the series as hot favourites and currently being widely viewed as the #1 HoN team in the world atm, did you guys expect a 3-0 sweep or did you anticipate a better fight put up by SK?

N0tail: For my part, I was super confident after doing 3-0 vs EG, so it wasn’t really as surprising as you might think, but they said they had some tricks up their sleeve so you never know.

Fly: They juked us.

Trixi: Personally, I haven’t practiced with the team for a while so I was wondering how it was going to work out, but it went pretty much the same way as before.

SK had momentum at one point in game 1, which was the crucial turnaround point for you guys?

N0tail: Portal Key Pollywog *cough* *cough*

Fly: For me at least, PK on Pollywog so we could initiate. Trixi thinks it’s his buyback.

Trixi: 1. Buyback 2. Go 3v5 3. ???? 4. Profit

Now that you guys have played him, what do you think about the new hero Dampeer and his potential roles in a team? Was the Dampeer displayed in ngame 2 him at his best?

N0tail: On paper he doesn’t have a lot of carry potential other than the lifesteal, but that’s also granted to other harder carries on his team. With lvls his spells have super low cooldown with a lot of burst. And in a 1v1 situation he has huge life advantage over his opponent so he is also a factor when catching someone alone. In a trilane he’s a pain in the ass to face.

Fly: He’s really strong in trilanes coz of 2 nukes, but he needs a lot of EXP. I still don’t think carry items are so good on him, rather spellshards / portal key / shrunken head, since he does so much burst. I wouldn’t pick him as a sole carry at least.

"I wouldn’t pick him as a sole carry at least." - [MSI] Fly

Having executed a push strat with success, what do you guys think about the potential of other strats in the current gank heavy metagame?

Fly: It’s great if you have the proper bans, plus if you pick unused heroes etc you can surprise your enemies and they might not know your lanes which already puts you in a great position. But you have to execute push strats very well, know when you can and can’t push, considering the enemies ultimates, how much gold you have etc.

N0tail: We aren’t exactly known to do hardcore push strats so for one it can have a surprise factor. Secondly, with all the magic damage hype and such heals become a lot more powerful. If you don’t die to nukes you just never die.

Trixi: Personally, I think every strat can work out if carefully thought through.

Thanks for your time guys. Any shoutouts to wrap this up?

FnaticMSI: Shoutouts to MSI, Steelseries, Bigfoot Networks, Raidcall, ugame, and Slappa.

Fly: P.S. Buff Panda.

There you go, from the champs themselves!
Stay tuned for SK's side of the story.

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