Intel Challenge: Supercup

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten
The previously announced event returns with a bang after an intermission that left many questions open!

Supercup host and caretaker Vitali 'v1lat' Volochay doubled the amount of participants up to 32 instead of 16. All followers of his invitation have been split into eight groups a four teams. Among them are once again the best of Europe, next to several Russian stacks. Also worth mentioning is the second runner up of ASUS Autumn Na`Vi, the recently formed zG and a new danish formation, currently known as TBA containing the well known shoutcaster syndereN and the former MYM-stars Angel and Miggel.

Matchups in the groupstage are bo2, tiebreakers will be played in case of a draw. The amount of prize money is 2000$ and will be split into 1000$, 600$ and 400$ for the top three finishers. Enough words were spoken for now, so without further ado, lets get into the Intel Challenge Supercup groupings.

Intel Challenge: Supercup - Groupstage
Group AGroup BGroup C Group D
Ukraine Na`ViDenmark MYMSweden FEARZEurope
Germany EDTNRomania TeGFrance VirusGermany cG|DPP
Romania sTurtleUkraine ElectrikaBelarus QuadDamageSerbia Annie.DotA
Russia ChekudaRussia ToMRussia 60ltRussia 2l8
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
Ukraine DTSRussia Max1Germany ze GermansEurope NWO
Czech Republic VanityDenmark TBADenmark NEFrance BLAST (NFO)
Germany Sky GamingPoland USBelarus INEXLebanon FailMicro
Russia OKHORussia EARTHRussia TRAKTORRussia Need2Lead

The first round matches start this friday for group A and proceed consecutively, covering 1 group per day. Gosubets and replays soon to come, so stay tuned for some epic DotA!

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