A Swede story in Korea, A Jinro tale

General “Raistlin”


Big congratulations on reaching the semi finals. 24 hours have passed, have you realized what you have actually accomplished?

- Hmmm, yes and no - someone reminded me this is the furthest a foreigner has gotten since Elky, so thats pretty awesome!

What went through your head when choya conceded in the second game, with just one more game to reach the win? Was it a more comfortable position, or do you think you locked yourself somehow?

- Mostly relief because I was so behind in that game at several points, I tried to not screw myself over mentally by taking the win out in advance but it was difficult.

What do you think you could have done better in game 3? Those phoenixes, if you had spotted them do you think you would have won?

- I think I should have taken my 3rd before massing instead of massing before taking my 3rd, because of the positions.

Game 4, what happened there?

- I didn't see he cancelled his nexus, despite scanning. Also, I thought he was 4 gating me in the beginning, so I didn't counter attack when I could have.

You saw his dark templar tech in the fifth game with your reaper. Tell us more about the build order, and how you came to use it.

- Mm, oGsHero recommended it when I was looking for builds to use on Blistering, and it fit my style well. You scout and adapt, try to stay safe.

You seem to remain so calm in every game you play.

- I wasn't calm, my heart was racing and I made lots of mistakes I wouldn't make under less pressured circumstances. (smiles) Fortunately the same thing happened to my opponent so our mistakes cancelled each other out.

You seem to be thinking a lot during your games, is the meta game an important factor to you?

- Not during the game, but it's of course considered during preparation. However when practicing for a specific opponent, I tend to focus more on HIM than "your average protoss".

So, now that you will go up against oGsMC next, whom I guess you have been playing tons with during your practice sessions, how do you feel about facing him? And how do you prepare?

- I feel good, it means one of us will be in the finals - which is nice. Would have been ideal to meet in the finals but the brackets didn't allow, so we promised eachother wed meet in the semis. I'll practice as normal, just won't be able to ask him for advice like I normally do (smiles)

You said in the post-game interview with Artosis that your chances against MC are small, why do you feel so? Do you fear his PvT?

- Because, like I've been saying for a couple of months now, he's the best Protoss in the world (smiles) I often tell him PvT isn't imbalanced, but he is. I'll do my best and we will see what happens.

How does it feel to have attained S-Class?

Great, but I wanna make it further if I can!

The whole world is cheering for you right now, how have you noticed the people's support?

- Theres tonnes of people - Korean and non-Korean - coming up to me before and after every game, its pretty awesome! (smiles) I've also got a very full PM box.

What sort of words and support have you received from your family?

- My dad and brother watch all the games, and everyone has been cheering me on - as most people know by now, my mom sent me a beanie she made right before the ro32, and I've been sporting it ever since. I think it brings me luck.

In the Round of 32 series against Moon, on Scrap Station, you turtled a little bit. Did you plan that ahead of time, knowing that a WC3 player would probably be weaker in the late game?

- Nah, it was mostly based on the map. Attacking too soon leaves you too open to counters, and because of the difficulty in putting early game pressure, the zergs economy is really strong so even if you kill his 3rd with your aggression its not worth it most of the time.

"All-in plays bore me, and I honestly dont think they will work long term anyway"
You don't seem scared to play a normal macro games, instead of going for all-in plays like the rest of the Terrans. Why is that?

- Because all-in plays bore me (and I honestly dont think they will work long term anyway), and I think the late game is where I'm the strongest anyway.

We saw a pretty critical twitter entry made by Day9: "The GSL: where koreans play terribly and cheese every time, shaking their heads when they lose as though it was a close game! More Jinro plz". Do you think more and more players will move to the more solid play style like you play in the next season?

- I think eventually people will have too good cheese defense for this stuff to work, or it will be patched. We will see all ins but not as the standard - they will be thrown in to keep the opponent honest.

What do you miss most from Sweden? Will you be traveling home for Christmas?

- Family, swedish breakfasts, and no I probably wont be. If I win GSL, I will though. If I win the GSL I have 85k to spend -starting with airplane tickets. Otherwise it feels too wasteful. I could afford it but it feels more responsible not to. Anyway, I like it in Korea so it's not like it will be a crappy christmas (smiles)

Let's hope you win then, so you can enjoy a nice Christmas! Do you have any word for your fans at GosuGamers and your Swedish fans?

- Thanks for the support, it is always appreciated - it's always great to come home after a game and read everyone's reactions (as well as the reactions of the people in the audience!).