adds hyhy

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Its a week left until SMM kicks off, Nirvana.MY adds hyhy to their team to fill in the void that was left by Mushi.

With its huge prize pool, SMM will no doubt attract a lot of teams to participate, to give them the competitive edge, Nirvana.MY brings in one of Singapore's most renowned carry player, hyhy, into the team.

Besides the addition of hyhy, the team also welcomes an additional sponsor for the team in the form of hardware manufacturer Gigabyte. Gigabyte also sponsors DotA teams such as EHOME, StarsBoba and Axis.TH. With Nirvana.MY now under their wing, they can be considered as one of the premium sponsors in the eSports scene.

Statement from Benedict "hyhy" Lim regarding his departure from Scythe.SG:
-"I decided to join nirvana.MY as i was disappointed with my team's performance/achievements and a lack of incentives from the respective sponsors for the past 2 years.

Taking leadership of a team certainly takes more than whats required of a typical gamer, there just isn't enough perks and motivation to keep me going.

The team has been under my lead for a considerable amount of time and we only got such results. Its kind of disappointing to me, so I chose to find a new playing environment with less responsibilities. Yamateh is a good friend of mine since years ago and XtiNcT is one of the few leaders i look up to, thus Nirvana.MY it is."