ends EHOME's dominating streak

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
The boys from breaks all odds in ESTC by ending what is touted as the best team of the year, EHOME's dominating streak.

The Chinese team EHOME went to ESTC as obvious favorites. Having won gold medals in ESWC, National eSports Open and IEM, bagging the ESTC medal will secure themselves as the best team of 2010. Their hopes were soon made a dream by a flawless play by

While the Malaysian team was among the favorites to win ESTC as well, their odds were clearly against them considering EHOME's great dominating streak. In the end great teamwork and flawless play by DotA superstars YamateH and MushI sealed their victory, sending EHOME packing. Interesting to note is that this is the second ESTC gold medal for YamateH. The first was won back in 2008 with the old Kingsurf.

ESTC Standings
Champions160,000 Baht (approx $4970)Malaysia
Second place50,000 Baht (approx $1553)China EHOME
Third & Fourth place25,000 Baht (approx $776)China Deity & Thailand