VODs: Jaedong vs Flash

General Former “Guyix” Crew
The semifinal of World Cyber Games in Los Angeles, USA gave us an 100% Korean matchup the zerg player Jaedong against the terran player Flash. It turned out the be an epic series we give you the VOD's here!

The final will be played at 23.00 CET make sure you tune in to the World Cyber Games stream and support your favorit player.

Game 1 part 1 at Match Point

Game 1 part 2 at Match Point

Game 2 part 1 at Tau Cross

Game 2 part 2 at

Game 2 part 3 at

Game 2 part 4 at

Game 3 part 1 at Fighting Spirit

Game 3 part 2 at Fighting Spirit

WCG.com - Watch the final live