ADC Playday 5

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten
A new round just started, with a big clash being played as we speak. The current leader AEON.MuFc takes on, who recently defeated Starsboba in a very impressive way. They on the other hand, will have to fight and MCITY this week, in two even more recognisable matches. With that said, let the games begin and good luck to all participating teams!

Playday 5 Matchups
Team 1ResultsTeam 2
Malaysia AEON.MuFcvsChina
Singapore XtC-vsChina LGD.sGty
India Razer.3gpvsPhilippines Battlegrounds
Malaysia AEON.MuFcvsPhilippines Mski-Infinity
China Nirvana.cnvsAustralia MCITY
Vietnam SB.GigabytevsAustralia MCITY
Vietnam FF.GigabytevsThailand Roccat.Trust
Vietnam FF.GigabytevsIndonesia AlienwareDG
Vietnam SB.GigabytevsSingapore
South Korea How.KoreavsPhilippines Mski-Infinity
South Korea How.KoreavsChina
Indonesia AlienwareDGvsIndonesia eLite
Philippines Mski-InfinityvsAustralia Rubik
Philippines BattlegroundsvsIndia JnP
Singapore XtC-vsPhilippines Battlegrounds
India Razer.3gpvsSingapore
Thailand BBH.RazervsThailand Roccat.Trust
China LGD.sGtyvsAustralia Rubik
Thailand BBH.RazervsChina LGD.sGty
Malaysia Nirvana.myvsSingapore XtC