BratOK with visa trouble, MorroW to replace at IEM

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand
New game, same visa issues. Russian Terran player Pavel "BratOK" Kuznetsov will not be attending the Intel Extreme Masters gamescom stop, and will instead be replaced by the Swedish Terran Stefan "MorroW" Andersson.

IEM Global Challenge GamesCom
Group A
Germany TheLittleOne
Ukraine White-Ra
Sweden MaDFroG
Italy ClouD
Group B
Canada HuK
Poland Tarson
Sweden MorroW
United States Artosis
Group C
Germany HasuObs
Ukraine DIMAGA
Spain LucifroN
France Sarens
Group D
United Kingdom DeMusliM
United States IdrA
Ukraine Strelok
Sweden Naniwa

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