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<p>I love games and love writing about them. Heroes of the Storm GosuCrew lead and foremost advocate of Jake Badlands entering the Nexus.

Dorazion's activity

I'd say a good start is any hero that gets a huge power spike at 20. Lunara's DPS and poke scales crazy at level 20. SGT. Hammer also scales very well into the late game. Another possible pick is Li-Li's Kung-Fu hustle that is one of the most powerful level 20 talents and also get's tons of free value off of corpse spider and other DOT's by Nazeebo.

Article 2/8/17, 10:13 PM

Been spending too much time in the Nexus, time and space is all screwy!

Article 9/22/16, 8:30 PM

Ivory Knight seems really, really good. And The Curator is def insane for any sort of combo deck. Tutors in any card game are powerful and this card just gives you another chance to draw whatever Dragon / Beast / Murloc is needed for your combo to go off. Dragon is the most important keyword here obviously

Page 7/29/16, 10:54 PM

Poorly researched flame against someone who contributes to the scene? During the Medivh patch, Lunara was picked only 15 times. Compare this to Falstad or Greymane-- both 63 times. Why are you so quick to dismiss the claim that she is out of the popular meta when she, in fact, clearly is? You do the same thing with Abathur. During the Medivh patch, Abathur in all regions was picked 5 times. Tempest picking Abathur and winning with him is out of the ordinary-- the author is clearly highlighting the skill it takes to win with a hero that the rest of the competitive community doesn't use. Stop nitpicking-- it's even worse when you turn out to be wrong. You are even wrong about Chromie. During the entire Medivh Patch looking at any tournament that mattered, in all regions, Chromie was picked exactly one time. So no-- just stop. Chromie isn't picked. She doesn't win. The author has every right to highlight the interesting Chromie pick. Do you see the trend? During the last patch Li Li was picked 4 times. To contrast a hero like Rehgar was picked 86 times. Tell me-- which hero is considered a competitive staple and which hero isn't? Hint: the hero that was picked 86 times (92% of the time) is "in". The hero that was picked 4 times is out. What seemed to happened is that you are, for some reason, salty over this article. You took question with a particular turn of phrase (out of the meta) because maybe you have a different idea for what the word means. That I can buy. But this? This weird comment that is somehow both entirely incorrect and extremely self righteous all at the same time? You're better than this. Oh, one last thing. Tyrael has only a 26% percent pick rate if you combine all regions. You said he is picked "Constantly" in Korea. lolwut?

Article 7/15/16, 12:19 AM

Thanks for the catch! =)

Article 5/30/16, 2:02 AM

The rankings are created from our algorithm that take all major tournament matches into consideration, not just recent ones. If Dignitas continues their strong performances they will continue to rise. As it is now, the quantitative difference between Na'Vi, Fanatic, and Dignitas is only 6 points. For context, MVP Black is 160+ points above the 2nd ranked team. Na'Vi and Fnatic have earned their spots and it takes either consistent losing from them or consistent winning from Dignitas to enact a drastic change. Slow rise isn't a bad thing. I suspect Dignitas's recent performances are fresh in everyones mind that they forget tournaments they didn't even compete in (Like Enter the Storm #4) and months and months of previous tournament play. Thankfully our rankings don't forget and, as a result, all teams are placed fairly. This method is the only protection against rankings that devolve into a qualitative list of "Who is the best this week". That isn't very helpful in a game that's competitive scene happens all year.

Article 4/8/16, 1:14 AM

The church of Rehgar blesses us with his righteous lighting.

Article 2/9/16, 12:48 AM

Reasonable point void of salt and hyperbole. +1

Article 2/4/16, 2:53 AM
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