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  • Date of birth Jan 21, 1991
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You are aware that Volvo's revenue will be taxed as well? If there is a greedy game company, look no further from Electronic Arts (EA).

Article 5/10/15, 6:36 PM

Technically I do no think it is just Valve who should be flexible about this but all the tournament organisers as a whole. There is no reason that ESL ONE, DH and MLG have to make their events so close to the The International in the first place. Teams would be more interested to train and prepare for TI beforehand. I think Valve would need to announce the date for TI much earlier to avoid situations such as these. I mean major sporting events have their dates decided a year or two in advance. I see no reason why The International is unable to do so.

Article 12/16/14, 10:06 AM

Pre TI4, there were not many major tournaments that clashed with other tournaments. Nowadays, there are an insane number of tournaments happening so close to one another. Jacky Mao (EE) have described the problem as a saturation of events that we as viewers and the players themselves are becoming numb to. Link can be found: http://www.liquiddota.com/blogs/473477-my-perspective-on-%EF%BC%A4%EF%BD%8F%EF%BD%94%EF%BC%A1%EF%BC%92 We might need to question whether organisers have the best intentions in mind when creating events as recent events have been plagued with a number of problems. While the rapid growth is a good thing for an e-sports scene. I feel that there isnt a governing body to administer regulations or control the growth so that these problems would not occur. I doubt Valve would step in to regulate the industry and thus I see no immediate solution available to these problems.

Article 12/16/14, 10:01 AM

Hmm, I wonder if Team Tinker will be pulling out of this competition in light of their roster changes and withdrawal from other tournaments.

Article 12/13/14, 12:21 PM

C9 can do relatively well on online tournaments, so all the best C9!

Article 12/9/14, 9:16 AM

Well Valve has been working on the Source Engine 2 for a while now so I guess they needed the time and energy to implement it. At least this year Valve decided to talk about their plans and not cause another uproar. There is a significant market in China for Dota 2 where gaming has been relatively well received by society. Though regarding these themed events, is it creating too much expectations for Dota 2? For some people, it was a nice distraction and relief from Dota 2, for others, it was a means to amass items and special bounties and prizes, the expectations that people have for it are different. Based on people's expectations should the event be poorly received, would it have been better it not being implemented at all?

Article 12/9/14, 9:05 AM

Cloud 9 redeemed themselves. Redemption vote worth?

Article 12/5/14, 9:59 AM

Well then those strong teams are then not looking forward to upsets. During the Summit 1, Fanatic took games from Team DK that was completely unexpected.

Article 12/4/14, 3:16 PM
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