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skyke's activity

Not wanting to blame anyone, but Misery seems to be the worst player in Secret. He rarely brings impact in most of the games and only being there as 'just another player. I like him more as a support since he was really good at it, especially when he was in C9. Some people said that w33ha hero pool is the problem, but I don't really think it's as bad as Misery's.

Article 1/17/16, 4:41 AM

Actually, pieliedie played pretty well this tournament, exceeds some people expectation (he doesn't die much). I think that last game was pretty much an outdraft, Silencer got through and render Secret's lineup useless.

Article 1/16/16, 11:10 AM

I'm not surprised he got outdrafted, he tends to be stubborn at times. If you remember Frankfurt Major, he basically picked Slardar every game (?) for Misery even when OG can play around it very well and it's not always a good game for Slardar. Not essentially put all the blame on him, but yeah, it's normal that Puppey get outdrafted.

Article 1/16/16, 11:07 AM

No, it's just that EG have been pretty choosy around after TI4. They have been in almost every tournament that they got worn out by it, especially now we have Majors, I doubt they'll try to attend every single big tournament.

Article 12/14/15, 1:44 PM

Funny that one of the player that able to play decently on consistent basis is the one that gets kicked.

Article 12/5/15, 11:30 AM

Alliance broke them after ESL on 1 series, CeMa ragequit on both of their losses lol

Article 11/13/15, 2:13 AM

Even if Valve give them 1 year, the players would still able to mess it up, it doesn't matter. Example: Empire. I don't think 1 month is necessary, since the teams that would shuffle are most likely the ones that didn't go to Fall Major.

Article 11/8/15, 2:16 AM

Liquid (5Jungz) and VG are two teams that I can remember that have somewhat similar setup, even when their mid is losing, they managed to pull it together as a team. I remember when Fata had 0-7 score as Razor in 1 game and still managed to get top networth.

Article 11/4/15, 4:44 PM
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