50 Days til worlds, No venue, No schedule, No tickets.

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As a NA fan, that would like to visit Korea for the first time to attend worlds.
Plane tickets are rising rapidly as we get closer to the event, without securing worlds tickets I don't even know which days I should buy for and book my accommodations. it almost seems impossible now, I was looking forward to watch the event live in Korea but i guess worlds is just for the locals to enjoy.

Edit. Thanks everyone for expressing their opinions. Im a c9 fan and my girlfriend is a TL fan. We really just wanted to be part of worlds this year as its the first year that we are super into the competetive scene. I understand if riot is having trouble with booking big venues for finals and such but for playins and group stage (the one we are interested in, cuz lets face it thats as far as NA gets) it would be really nice to release those tickets early as there are more interest from the global audience. Again i dont mean to cause any drama since I have no idea what the process is. lets go C9!

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