Lore Power Levels Revised: The Transcended Tier

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What is up everyone. I am KatarHero72, also known as Hyper10sion and “The Power Levels Guy” here again with day two of my revised power levels. We got the Cosmic Tier out of the way so now we move on to the beings who are still freaking nuts, but are limited to a single world in terms of their sheer scope of power. This is the Transcended Tier.
In addition at the end there will be a section of Limbo for champions who’s at most could land in this tier.
Before we get started I would like to point out that only canon lore is considered. Cinematics are only canon if they are lore or individual champion related, so Twist of Fate and New Dawn are out. Fan theories and “potential” are not considered, but input from Rioters is taken into account, in context. Also the lore must be current, so Institute of War, lores contradicted by the updated bios, etc are ignored. Also I try to be as impartial as possible when making these.
Once again here is an outline of the tiers for explanation.

The Cosmic Tier: Formerly known as the God Tier but renamed so to cut down on confusion, this tier is the cosmic level beings. The lowest level of power a being must have to be on this tier is the power to impact an entire planet. They are immortal, nigh unkillable, extremely powerful, and almost as old as time itself. Just to emphasize, the beings in this tier are stated to not be gods.

The Transcended Tier: This tier are beings with incredible power, either being a being that could single handedly destroy a city or do things beyond the normal realm of possibility. These beings are more than just a human physically, and can endure far more than an empowered human on the same level. They are practically immortal, or are very close. These beings avoid the Cosmic Tier by being limited in their scope, usually to a singular region of Runeterra.

The Harbinger Tier: These are the champions with powers rivaling that of an army, or possess a non-combat ability of similar magnitude. Some of these would be Transcended Tier if not for human frailty or some glaring weakness, but are still extremely powerful.

The Magus Tier: This tier is composed of the champions not quite powerful enough to be in the Harbinger Tier, but are definitely more than a physically exceptional human. Most of these champions have some sort of size, strength, or magical power that above that of what a mortal tier champion could typically match.

The Mortal Tier: These are the champions that are still not slouches, but innately do not have power of a Magus tier champion. Most of them are merely skilled human warriors or rely on a weapon/mount for their power. A majority of human champions will be in this tier, along with a lot of your favorites.

Limbo: These champions are more or less in flux. There is not enough concrete lore to officially rate their power, or they didn’t exert themselves at all so it cannot be rated. Six champions occupy this tier, however none of the original four members remain due to help from Riot and directly from Rioters.

Alright now that the explanation is out of the way I can move on to next tier, the Transcended Tier, with a pair of Limbo champions at the end.


The Transcended Tier

Subtiers: Ascended, Demigod, and Demonic
Champions: Aatrox, Anivia, Azir, Evelynn, Nasus, Nocturne, Ornn, Renekton, Tahm Kench, Volibear, Xerath

The Ascended: The Ascended of Shurima are essentially living weapons of mass destruction. A single Ascended could destroy an entire city with ease, with the more powerful ones being even stronger. Nasus, while at his potentially weakest point, said that he could take on a mortal army single handedly. The Ascended are short of the Cosmic Tier due to the limited range of their power in regards to the Cosmic tier champions. Though they vary greatly in power, the durability, healing factor, near immortality, and general power granted by Ascension puts them all in this tier.

Azir, The Emperor of the Sands: The ruler of Shurima is nearly invincible in his home terrain. While his power is limited outside of the desert, the deserts of Shurima are far larger than any desert here on Earth, meaning he has far more area to work with than one would think. Shortly after his resurrection, while still learning his powers, Azir recreated the entire population of Shurima’s capital on the day that Xerath betrayed him. Given that the city was practically bursting due to the young emperor’s scheduled ascension, an estimate of twenty thousand people is generously low, and Azir recreated them all simultaneously almost as an afterthought. Azir is not a one being army, he is a one being nation. Combining his raw power with his innate durability, longevity, and strength, Azir shifts into the Transcended Tier, and is arguably the second strongest Ascended. Walk like an Egyptian, shuffle like a Shuriman.

Nasus, The Curator of the Sands: The resident dogchamp is a brilliant tactician, a formidable warrior, and a force of nature in his own right. He managed to go toe to toe with Xerath, who is essentially a living nuclear warhead, for a time while also being weakened by his lack of practice. Despite being the weakest Ascended, he is still a powerhouse. He can imbue himself with the powers of life and death so to grow, cut several armored men in half with a single swing, create an aura of decay around him, make his enemies wither to the ends of their lives, call upon pillars of soulfire, sap the life energy from his opponents, create a small sandstorm in his vicinity, and tank hits from Xerath himself. While he is probably among the weakest champions in this tier, he is still plenty powerful enough to make his way into Transcended. This dogchamp is far more bite than bark.

Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands: Runeterra’s Crocodile Dundee is among the greatest warriors ever known to Runeterra. Where the other Ascended had their power increased through magical means for the most part, Renekton became a physical freak, even as far as Ascended are concerned. Physically the strongest Ascended, Renekton is durable enough to face tank blasts from Xerath, and survive combating him for years in their joint prison. His most powerful ability is to channel his rage into his body so to create a maelstrom around him, which increases his size similar to Nasus. Combining his absolutely freakish skill, strength, and durability means that Renekton butchers the competition to get the title of Transcended. This crocodile rocks harder than Elton ever could.

Xerath, The Magus Ascendant: A slave who befriended an heir. A friend who became a traitor. A traitor who claimed Ascension. Xerath is a living nuclear explosion that is less a living weapon and more of a floating apocalypse. Widely considered to be the most powerful Ascended, Xerath is a being composed of arcane energy, which he can utilize in a myriad of ways. He can create linear blasts, concentrate energy into an orb of energy, create a blast from the skies, fly, create comets of energy to become a living mortar, has telekinesis to some extent, make his body emanate heat strong enough to create burns, withstand the combined assault of Renekton and Nasus at their peaks shortly after ascending, and topple buildings with little to no effort. Between his status as an Ascended and sheer destructive power, Xerath more than earns his place at the top of the Transcended Tier. ALL HAIL THE TRUE EMPEROR OF SHURIMA!!!

Demigod: The three Freljordian demigods are beings of legendary power that have shaped an entire region of Valoran. Immortal, practically invincible, and so powerful that calling them forces of nature is an understatement, these three are both feared and respected. They miss the Cosmic Tier by the smallest margin of any group in this tier, but their scope is just below what is needed for that tier.

Anivia, The Cryophoenix: Froggen’s main is the only known demigoddess in Runeterra, shaping the Freljord with her brothers. Effectively immortal due to her constant cycle of death and rebirth, she is also the most powerful cryomancer in all of Runeterra. She can create a massive blizzard, freeze enemies on sight, create massive structures of ice, freeze the air around her to create massive ice spikes, fly, and shape a battlefield by essentially flash freezing it. With immortality and a literal blizzard at her disposal, Anivia soars high above to the Transcended Tier. When this is the bird, the bird is the word.

Ornn, The Fire Below the Mountain: Among the strongest beings in the lore, Ornn is immortal, practically invincible, and 100% done with your shit. Ornn is a demigod with control of fire and volcanic magma, and the greatest smith in all of Runeterra. His creations include the Howling Abyss, Braum’s shield, and his own hammer. He can change his size, in his splash art he stands at around 30 feet (9.1 meters) according to Riot Jaredan, and in his story he stands at a towering 266 feet, or 81 meters. This ability makes sense given that his bio states that him and his siblings “take a physical form.” He can generate fire using his hand and breath, manipulate magma channels to create artificial earth, cause the Freljord to snow forever because of a sneeze, fight on par with Volibear, and shape the Freljord by wrestling it. Probably his most directly powerful ability is his power to summon a ram made of stone and magma, and collide with it in a blast comparable to a cruise missile. Probably the closest overall to the Cosmic Tier, Ornn still charges through to the top of the Transcended Tier. Now leave him alone.

Volibear, The Thousand Pierced Bear: Man-Bear-Storm is what happens if Thor was a bear. Volibear is the younger of the two demigod brothers, embodying war, fury, and the storm itself. He can change his size like his brother, create a lightning storm powerful enough to punch through a volcano, nearly match Ornn in single combat, is immortal, and practically invincible. His title comes from the many weapons sticking out of his sides that his enemies never lived long enough to pull out. Despite not having much in the way of lore, enough about Volibear is found in other champions’ lores for him to storm into the Transcended Tier. His onslaught is purely unbearable.

Demonic: The demons and Darkin are plagues upon Runeterra, with massive amounts of power and influence used to satisfy their own twisted desires. Runeterra’s demons have been equated to immensely powerful spirits, who have physical form in the mortal plane and immense amounts of physical and magical energy, possessing immortality and an extremely high durability.. The Darkin are invaders from another world who tore Runeterra asunder in the Darkin War millennia ago. Only five of the original invaders remain, being trapped into their weapons. Upon touching a host a Darkin can exert their will over their host, regaining their original strength if they completely take over.

Aatrox, The Darkin Blade: The Edgelord of the Darkin is most likely the most powerful of his race, as his defeat became known as a massive event among the invaders. He is the only Darkin who has completely taken over his host, and as such is as close to his original power as can be expected. Aatrox is an artist on the battlefield, with slaughter and bloodshed as his masterpieces. He can fly, is practically immortal due to his binding, can drain the lifeblood of those around him, and cut down enemies by the dozens with ease. He managed to slaughter Tryndamere’s entire tribe without so much as a scratch on him, and imbued the future Barbarian King with a near invincible state that hinges upon his rage. He can create waves of energy from his blade that slice the earth itself and even let out blasts of energy around him. Aatrox might not have much in the way of lore left, but from the tales pertaining to Varus, Kayn, Tryndamere, and the little we do have allow Aatrox to slice his way into the Transcended Tier due to his sheer combat power. The edge is overpowering.

Evelynn, Agony’s Embrace: The demoness known as Evelynn is a monster as deadly as she is beautiful. Given form during the mass of pain and suffering caused by the Rune Wars, her true form is a walking nightmare. Using her ability to shapeshift, she takes the form of a beautiful woman so to lure her prey in, similar to the mythical succubus. Combined with her ability to turn into living shadow, rendering her effectively invisible, Evelynn is a mistress of stealth and deception. She could walk into the middle of a battlefield and slaughter the entire battlefield without being touched. Her claws can take a man’s head off with ease, and her lashers allow her to be a walking blender with D cups. Add in her natural immortality, strength, and speed from being a demon, and Evelynn saunters into the Transcended Tier. Some girls will rip your heart out, but this one rips your lungs out first.

Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare: Nocturne is a demon of fear and shadow given form and power. Similar to the famous villain Freddy Krueger, he can inhabit the dreams and minds of his victims and use their fear to increase his own power, even possessing them. Given his new canon bio from the client, it is practically certain that Nocturne is the demon that fought Lux and Garen in the “For Demacia” story. He is strong enough to cleave someone in half when given physical form, and can use the monsters of a person’s nightmares against other enemies. These shadow monsters are formidable, as they managed to overwhelm Demacia’s Dauntless Vanguard fairly easily. I’m not docking him much for losing to Lux because her power is practically designed to beat him. Because of his immortality, mental manipulation, army creation, and sheer power, Nocturne possesses a spot in the Transcended Tier. One, Two, Noc’s coming for you.

Tahm Kench, The River King: The Two-Coats is one of the most powerful and complex characters in all of Runeterra. He is a demon who relishes in the despair of those around him, and is always ready to strike a deal. Tahm Kench isn’t even his real name, it is the game of a gambler that the demon made a deal with. Kench is a crossroads demon, like Crowley of Supernatural, making deals with unsuspecting victims who don’t know the real price they agreed to is a king’s ransom. He is immortal, can manipulate events to fulfill his deals, teleport, knock out a large armored warrior with his tongue, and eat practically anything. His stomach is similar to Gluttony of Fullmetal Alchemist, essentially a bottomless pit from which there is no escape. He relishes in making his victims as miserable as possible, often through the payment of his deals. Between his immortality, long range teleportation, consumption ability, and event manipulation, Tahm Kench talks his way into the Transcended Tier. Uncalm the Tahm. Uncloak the croak. Uninhibit the ribbit. Unbench the Kench.

Limbo: These two champions might be in this tier. Emphasis on the word might, as their current in client lore kinda leaves very little to go off of when taken in combination with the lack of supporting lore like other champions in the Transcended Tier. They used to be in this tier, but at the moment I can’t be sure. At the end of the bit on each champion I will put what I feel is the highest and lowest the champion could go.

Kayle, The Judicator: The armored angel is in a weird spot. She used to be a ten thousand year old warrior with armor forged by craftsmen allegedly on par with Ornn and a flaming sword forged before time. But now it is unclear if she is immortal, or even remotely as powerful as she was in her previous form. I mention her on this list because Transcended is probably her ceiling, but if the lore doesn’t play out in her favor it could be a long fall from grace. Range: Transcended to Magus

Morgana, The Fallen Angel: League’s Lucifer is in practically the same spot as her sister. Without the positive confirmation of her immortality or durability, all we have is Morgana’s mastery over soul based magic, but it is to an unknown power level. Morgana fell once before in the lore, but this time she can either float or free fall through the tiers. Range: Transcended to Magus

Alright guys that was the second day of the updated tier lists. Still hard to believe that it has been a year since I started these, and it has been a blast doing them despite the work that had to go into these. Think I missed anyone for this tier? Put someone too high? Talk to me about it below.

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