Ocelote World claims the last semifinal slot at IEM Sao Paulo

LoL Kelsey “Prehistorique” Moser

As the last minute addition to the tournament, Ocelote World came out strong in a 2-0 sweep of Furious Gaming.


First blood went to Accelerator when Jwaow engaged at a health disadvantage.  However, the game stayed even with Ocelote World getting farm advantage in lane and Furious Gaming taking the first dragon.
At the second dragon fight, Morden stole it away with smite, and the rest of Ocelote World came in to clean up a four for zero fight that snowballed Ocelote's Kayle.  For the rest of the game, Jwaow's Renekton was able to zone while Ocelote and Haydal outscaled and destroyed Furious Gaming for the win.
The second game started out more decisively in Ocelote World's favor with Haydal picking up first blood and all lanes winning in farm.  A well-timed gank bottom failed to net Ocelote World kills, but when Ocelote also managed to force Kvrof out of lane, his team was able to pick up an easy first dragon.
Jwaow and Ocelote continued to dominate their lanes to the point where turret dives became second nature at twenty minutes.  The game closed at twenty five minutes with a score of twenty three kills to four in favor of Ocelote World.