stayGreen wins DreamHack Winter 2013

HoN Sören “Fantasy44” V.
stayGreen has done it again - for the second time in a row. The best team in Newerth right now came to Jönköping, Sweden with only one goal and once the dust settled they have reached that. The squad can now legitimately challenge for "Best Team Of All Time" tying the major titles of the legendary fnatic.MSI.
Swindlemelonzz and his team made it clear ahead of time, that only the championship at DreamHack Winter 2013 was the goal. Bold words, but with the team still undefeated in the LAN setting once they opened the stayGreen brand,it was not really that bold of a move. The only concern the team had to have was really Lions eSports, who had the number of sG online recently and tried to snap the streak of swindle and his boys on home turf as well. Unfortunately for the tournament and every observer the entire tournament didn't boil down to an epic showdown between those two stud teams in HoN, because Lions couldn't pull through the group stage undefeated. Them not getting the first place shaped the brackets so that Lions against sG was the semifinal already - and what a semifinal it was.
The Swedish fan favorites left it all out there and tried to pull out all the stops with a Gauntlet pick or a carry Engineer in the last and decisive map. Tension was clearly felt throughout the entire HoN booth with plenty of cheering, clapping and psychological warfare surrounding the contest. In the end it was as always in the LAN setting, stayGreen reigned supreme, but for the first time in this tournament, a team pushed them to the brink and almost broke the streak.
With Denial eSports upsetting Too Much Sugar earlier the DreamHack Winter 2013 had one of the most unexpected Grand Final ever - with dnL being a clear underdog. Still, the young team around Zlapped and fan favorite m`ICKe deserved the spot on the main stage with a great performance in the semis. That the tournament ended up being very one-sided and over in an accumulated game time of approximately 35 minutes is a shame, but Denial eSports deserved what they earned.
sG knew how to approach the match, took care of Tundra and Scout and hence brought the young players out of their comfort zone. Zlapped tried to give them back some of that comfort on the DreamArena stage with Empath and Monkey King , but not even those heroes could salvage the situation. The train just rolled over them and stayGreen celebrated a DreamHack title for the second time in a row. Swindle, ZfreeK and Chessie therefore defended their DreamHack Summer title, while Mynuts and Limmp technically defended their DreamHack Winter title they won with Trademark eSports. 
With that victory sG finally has the first real ring in their trophy case, but extend their LAN winning streak to four - finally tying with fnatic.MSI. One big title more and they have all the rights to claim the title of being the best HoN team ever, HoN Tour Finals are on the horizon already.

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 3 - Best of 3

DreamHack Winter 2013
Place Team Earnings
1. UnitedStates stayGreen ~ $ 10,500 USD
2. Sweden Denial eSports ~ $ 5,300 USD
3.-4. Sweden Lions eSports ~ $ 3,800 USD
3.-4. Other Too Much Sugar ~ $ 3,800 USD
5.-6. Europe Internet Gangsters ~ $ 3,000 USD
5.-6. Sweden Shit Happens ~ $ 3,000 USD
Sören “Fantasy44” V.
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