Clan Milk and iG out of Redemption, replaced by 15 and PUDG

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 05 September 2012 17:42
While the chance of disbanding It's Gosu was pretty obvious, the news of Clan Milk pulling out of the tournament was a shocker. The two teams have been important parts of the Online Summer Championships and are both out before Redemption has started.

iG's spot goes to former QsQ members

It's Gosu announced the dissolvement of the team today, which ultimately resulted in an open spot in the DreamHon Redemption tournament. With iNsania and mmbzai moving to Trademark eSports the spot was vacated and later filled by Megabever's new team - Dendi's jungldevos. The Norwegian player has been around for a long time and appeared in the DreamHon OSC as a member of QsQ357, which made the playoffs. His new team will get it's first chance in a major tournament, being seeded in Group C against Pikachu, saishii and the new team of Panny.

Dendi's jungldevos roster :

Norway Megabever
Norway Tjore
Norway ultimaDEFEND
Belarus Paalis
Belarus Petob

Megabever, Tjore and ultimaDEFEND have quite some history with each other, being former members of BX3. After that all three joined the Q sQuad project and were part of QsQ357 (Megabever) and QsQ 1 (Tjore and ultimaDEFEND) in the DreamHon Online Summer Championship.

CM pulls out, giving 15 a chance

The other big team that is out of the tournament already is Group D champion Clan Milk. The team was a dominant force in the group stage of the OSC before completely losing their strength in the playoffs, where they went 0-2 without a single map victory. This tournament was the next shot for the North Americans to get the ticket to DreamHack Winter 2012, but school, college and work is blocking their tournament participation. The team has stated that the scheduled time would not work out for another month in the lives of some members, so the logical next step was to forfeit their spot. 15 will take that spot, after they have been a good European team for quite some time, having lost in stage two of the DreamHon OSC to Pikachu, later a playoff team of their own.

15 roster:

Sweden Bassets
Sweden Zetpro
Sweden Sealkid
Sweden fedexftw
Sweden Flensmeister

Merger opens door for Archi's Minions

The last spot that was opened for a non-competitor in DreamHon OSC was given to Archi's Minions. The spot originally was vacated with Pikachu and DDOS basically merging into one team. Swindlemelonzz and ZfreeK joned Pikachu, while Fittske and Reelo left HoN for now. So DDOS was no longer an active team and ArchiTiger took the spot with his new team.

DreamHon Redemption Groups
Group AGroup B
United States compLexity0-00Europe Trademark eSports0-00
Europe QsQ 3570-00Sweden 150-00
Sweden Nineties0-00Europe Archi's Minions0-00
Europe FyKu0-00Malaysia MuFC 0-00
Group CGroup D
Europe PUDG0-00Australia Tt eSports0-00
Europe Pikachu0-00Other Vitriolic0-00
Europe Panny and Co.A0-00Malaysia Orange eSports0-00
United States saishii0-00Europe ILight0-00