Team Profile: Frenetic Array

Posted by Seb "shinkz" Torr at 10 March 2012 16:38

Frenetic Array is the only Australian team that competes on an International level and are striving to be the world’s best. At home they dominate every competition without losing a single series and taking out first in every tournament attended. The team came together in an amalgamation of Australia's best Heroes of Newerth players in early 2010 from clans such as 'Sublime PC Gear', ‘Interpol’ and 'Deal With It' (in the case of sLiCKz and DirgeSnoopy). The teams most notable achievement is placing second at DreamHack Winter in 2011 and they now feature two American players brized aka TheEmporer and Leonblack`.


Australia sLiCKz (Captain)
Name: Trent Tucker
Role: Solo/Carry
Former Team(s):Deal With it and Complexity Gaming
Page(s): Facebook
Signature Heroes:
TDL ForsakenArcher Pebbles Torturer

Malaysia dabeliuteef
Name: JunLiong Loh
Role: Semi-Carry/Solo
Former Team(s): N/A
Page(s): N/A
Signature Heroes:
Tempest Valkyrie Bubbles Midas

NewZealand wyt
Name: David Ashwell
Role: Jungler/Support
Former Team(s): N/A
Page(s): Facebook
Signature Heroes:
Ophelia Tundra Parasite Glacius

UnitedStates brized
Name: Cyrus Alavi
Role: Solo/Utility
Former Team(s): Deal With it and JAH and friends
Page(s): N/A
Signature Heroes:
Electrician cthulhuphantWarBeast

UnitedStates Leonblack`
Name: Quinn Wagner
Role: Ganker/Utility
Former Team(s): N/A
Page(s): N/A
Signature Heroes:
PlagueRider Magmus Parasite


Australia Shinkz
Name: Sebastian Torralba
Role: Team Manager
Email & Contact: [email protected]


LAN Events
1st Elysium Internet Café HoN LAN Tournament (SLx)
1st Auckmageddon 1v1 Tournament (Wytaliba)
1st Auckmageddon 3v3 Tournament (Wytaliba)
1st Endurance LAN HoN Tournament (SLx)
1st MidCity HoN Tournament (AUS/NZ) (fray)
1st iPlay 5v5 Tournament (fray - Wytaliba)
1st CityHunter HoNerific/WCG Qualifier #1 Tournament (AUS) (fray)
1st xLAN 3v3 HoN (fray)
1st Elysium Internet Café HoN LAN Tournament #2 (fray)
1st Tt eSports $15,000 Net Café Challenge – Melbourne Qualifier
1st Tt eSports $15,000 Net Café Challenge – Finals
1st Intime HoN Challenge
2nd DreamHack Winter 2011 MSI BEAT IT (International)
1st Sydney Gamers League 6 HoN Tournament

Online Events
1st - CGo beta ladder champions (IPL)
1st - MyM Oceanic Bracket Winners (IPL)
1st -GosuGamers Oceanic Supreme Champions (IPL)
1st -CGNA Oceanic Tournament Winners (IPL)
3rd Xin-Gaming 5v5 (International) (IPL)
5th -8th Fnatic Play Tournament (International) (SLx)
5th-8th UNGL ZOWIE Cup (SLx)
3rd UNGL HoN MiniCup #4 (International) (SLx)
1st S2Games Oceania Tournament CyberGamer (SLx)
5th-8th UNGL HoN MiniCup #4 (International) (fray)
1st and 3rd CyberGamer 1v1 'Best Mid in Oceania' (fray - Slickz/Wytaliba)
1st CyberGamer Pro-League (CGi) (fray)
1st Dreamhack MSI BEAT IT Qualifier #5 (International)
1st ESL Major Series IX Qualifier #4 (international)
2nd Shokra Gaming Launch Event (International)
1st Its Gosu Qualifier #1 (International)
1st Its Gosu Qualifier #2 (International)
1st Its Gosu November Invitational (International)
3rd Cyber Sports Network Play Heros Cup (International)
3rd Its Gosu December HoN Cup (International)
2nd Gamers Platoon HoN Tournament #1 (International)
1st Its Gosu January HoN Cup (International)
3rd ESL Major Series IX (International)
1st Honcast King of the Hill Week 3 (International)
1st Its Gosu February HoN Open #2 (International)


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