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Posted by S1lv3r
Added 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Event Masters
Map Dota 2
Patch 1.00
Player one LGD
Player two EHOME
Display winner
First pick EHOME
Match ID 18359079
Views 45,229


GD2 Masters
China LGDChina EHOME
lycanthrope chen natures prophet
brewmaster dark seer invoker
vengeful spirit broodmother
lone druid ancient apparition
windrunner queen of pain earthshaker
leshrac slardar enchantress
crystal maiden morphling
enigma shadow demon
queen of pain xiao8 (Mid)
crystal maiden DD (Bot)
windrunner Yao (Top)
earthshaker ddc (Bot)
morphling Sylar (Bot)
slardar QQQ (Bot)
enigma KingJ (Mid)
enchantress LaNm (Bot)
shadow demon Cupid_Cat (Bot)
leshrac MMY! (Top)


Game 1




Current: 8.1 (103 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Brunei DarussalamRaginReap 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Insane game. ggwp
AustraliaBTS.GoDz 5 years, 37 weeks ago
You may have to wait 10-20mins between each epic fight. but trust me; its worth it. Such great flow/progression can just see build up into each little climactic point and all the strats being used (and changes in strats, ie: when enigma realizes the 1 man BH strat is failing lol!)
Chinastevenwjc 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Sylar in this game dominats just like Sylar in Hero...
United Statesnyaniwa 5 years, 37 weeks ago
well damn, GG
ChinakenG 5 years, 37 weeks ago
All Chinese teams rankings are reshuffling now.The key is tempo and the understanding of the game which really need plenty of time to practise.
Other77620jw 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Absolutely a great general will not fight the battle a victory grasp does not exceed 50%

When the E-HOME aware of all their output can only kill the water buy a living water will kill them all

They chose the BOSS and two of cheese
Similarly when the LGD in the water people did not live to buy money and the key props of the flying shoes arrived on time battlefield

LGD also chose to fight money

So long game just two sides in the preparation of the pre-war want to strive to be perfect

Play a decisive battle

Unfortunately, due to the strength of the two sides is really too close to the lead the game for a long

There has been no fatal match point
IndonesiaOrcisHlHorde 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Sylarrrr crazy.gif
Indiakeyboard 5 years, 37 weeks ago
first of all its nut to watch this game.and how the hell they say 'navi china are coming' ...this game is nuts....just farming for 100 mins....backing out after team fight not taking immediate advantage.they are afraid to do anything other than farming. 6 slots full..entering in fight only after farming for buy backs ..navi said long games are useless one team fight loss and game over ..its true.....but in this game even after team fight win other team buys back and second team scared to go to their base...also so many mistakes by ehome...pushing line up without mek,pipe without any carry and extending the game like crazy..bad item choice by ehome..they won all 3 lanes not to take advantage and finish game early with morphling in other team.also before 5th or 6th roshan when they killed morph ehome didnt get top racks instead they took roshan when 4 heros were dead...other team would have finish game at that point only.
if they play like this navi will finish them reaally fast....... manyhappy.gif
Malaysia-mashi- 5 years, 37 weeks ago
ROTW - Ricing of the week.
Indiajajabinker 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Enigma Lessons. Learn smthing PGG!
Philippineszackdc 5 years, 37 weeks ago
#8 wrong item choice? and who are you ? a paid professional dota player? if not then please dont talk like you know it all ^^.gif
United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Wow new icon?
ChinaMrNosunday 5 years, 37 weeks ago
#8 You didn't realized how fancinating it is,just shut up plz,fanboy. happy.gif
SwedenAiwe 5 years, 37 weeks ago
A really nice game, I saw it live yesterday. Problem is that it's too long to be called a ROTW, imho, cause it is just. too. damn. long. My two cents.
Heard Island and McDonald Islandssam.wr 5 years, 37 weeks ago
#8 u mad bro?
even if morph died there wr and qop were enough farmed to repel the push and morph even with so much farm was still getting focussed and killed so it didnt make sense for either team to go for final push unless they are absolutely sure of dire team was underfarmed comapared to radiant so they needed aegis and cheese to survive in team battles....dnt talk if you dont know
Indiakeyboard 5 years, 37 weeks ago
@11 though i m not professional player,but can you agree to this that had dire bought mek,pipe and enchantress with earli aghanim septer they would have got the racks and finish the game earlier bfore morphling get farmed,
i am not saying i like chinese dota ... i love how ehome ,dk play..aggressive...i loved ehome when they played in recent months where they dominated and lost only once ...this wasnot convincing play by ehome in this particula match where in pushing strategy without much of hard carry they try to extend it.
FijiZeyall 5 years, 37 weeks ago
fanboyism surpreme. watched the game live yesterday and the only reason why this should be RR (and surely not rotw) are the entertaining parts of long and huge teamfights and more or less full-equipped heroes.

skill-wise and also pick-wise this game was pure shit. anyone with 90 farm and ten aegis/cheeses can show this off. this game was just
- farmfarmfarm
- wait for rosh (aegis and cheese)
- one big fight with around 5-8 rebuys + aegis
- farmfarmfarm for rebuy

no counterpicking towards enigma (really?) so that he was able to double blackhole (with refresher!!) in fights.

for everyone who loves action-packed games, dont watch this. there are around 5-6 good fights. I recommend this if you are interested in full-equipped mass rebuy teamfights with about average skilled players.

not saying that those players arent pro-skilled at all, but they didnt show it in this game. not at all.
Malaysialalalelelili 5 years, 37 weeks ago
#17 Enigma was 2nd last pick and LGD needed a carry after the cm pick.If they would have counterpick the enigma i think they would have lost the game straight on
Iran, Islamic Republic ofe.t.b 5 years, 37 weeks ago
really amazing game, roshan raped so hard wink.gif
Turkeyvenom_ 5 years, 37 weeks ago
dude at some point ehome killed 4 and they got at least 50 seconds to finish the game easily, instead what did they do? ROSHAN lol what a joke, passive play to the fullest
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