PSG.LGD bid farewell to FY and Maybe

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

Two of PSG.LGD's most famed and long term players Xu “fy” Linsen and Lu “Somnus/Maybe” Yao, have parted ways with the organization.

The most recent 2019-2020 DPC season hasn't been kind to PSG.LGD. The once Chinese giants have struggled this last DPC season without a single appearance in any of the events. Multiple roster changes and a few setbacks made it a very trying season but seem to be fairing well in recent months, taking multiple first and second-place finishes in regional affairs since March. In June they were able to clinch the ESL One Birmingham online event for China, but with the season canceled and not much going on, it came a bit too late too late. 

Now with Xu “fy” Linsen's contract coming to an end after three years with the organization he and Lu “Somnus/Maybe” Yao have left the LGD as free agents. 

You are the best Rubick player in the world, second to none;

Your Earthshaker stuns the casters, and no doubt, you are the contemporary bull demon;

Your Phoenix got 2 kills solo when ganked by 3 enemies, a unique highlight by you alone;

When you play Tusk, every single ability is skillfully wielded in your hands;

Every hero you play seems to be endowed with a spirit, and you handle the tempo of gank perfectly.

fy, from a shy youngster to a mature gentleman, you have accompanied us through unforgettable times. Thank you for the great contributions you’ve made to us since you joined LGD Esports club. We will always remember the time we fought together. We sincerely wish fygod every success in his future career.

Goodbye, captain!

Maybe has built up his career with LGD, spending the last seven years becoming one of the best players in the region. 

In an era where all stars were shining, you were the brightest among all, “said PSG.LGD in their goodbye post for Maybe and added:

“When we first met you, you were the widely-praised young talent with the highest MMR on the Leaderboards;

At TI5, the Ember Spirit in the comeback game made your name known to the whole world;

At Manila Major 2016, with Invoker and Tinker, you presented us with the most dominating show in the professional scene, recognized by audience inside and outside the community;

At TI8, the Storm Spirit flashing in and out of the Black Hole was incredibly stunning;

Whenever you were in the mid lane,  we felt safe and relieved.

Somehow, LGD and Maybe became synonymous.

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

Great attention is usually accompanied by more responsibilities. With a distinct personality, you were always the main topic for  the community since your debut, but you were never afraid.

They say you were overpraised, but you staged a comeback after one year in CDEC;

They say you don’t learn or practice, but your ranked MMR and your professional achievements are the best proof.

They say you are arrogant, but you responded it with your famous line, “Why play in the professional scene if you don’t have confidence in yourself?”;

They say you are the bully in the team, but taking care of your teammates all the time shows how responsible you are;

Finally, they say you are the face of CN DOTA, and you are worth it!

With all the achievements made in the professional scene, you also lead a fruitful life. We witness how you turned from a young boy into a man who’s getting married. We both grew through the 7 years together.

Even the finest feast comes to an end sometimes, the highlights in those years will always be remembered. Not only have you achieved yourself in the professional scene, you also left your own marks in the history of LGD Esports club. Thank you for all the efforts and contributions you’ve made to the team. We sincerely wish you splendid prospects in your future career.

Run proud, boy!

There is no official word who will step into the vacancies left behind or where either of these players will end up next. 



Will Fy and Maybe stick together?

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