Resolut1on kicked from OG

Dota 2 Adam “GearBrylls” Hitchcock

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After a string of poor LAN results, OG have parted ways with their newest member, Resolut1on, after only six months with the team.

OG has been a household name for European Dota fans ever since their inception as Monkey Business back in 2015, unfortunately, this season the team’s performances have been lackluster with a win at MDL Macau back in December being their only LAN win.

Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok had only joined the team in September after a impressive performance at TI7, whilst standing in for Vladimir 'Chappie' Kuzmenko on Team Empire. His job was to replace Anathan 'ana' Pham who had himself left OG to take a break from the competitive scene but with the team struggling to get higher than 7-8th place at the recent majors the decision was made to cut Resolut1on.

On his release, Resolution had to say

I’m very happy that I was a part of OG. Guys, Tal, Jesse, Gustav, Seb, Johan, Evany, thanks for the priceless experience and knowledge that I got during that time. I’m hoping that this decision will benefit all of us

Moving forward OG have stated that coach Sébastien '7ckingMad' Debs will be filling in for the interim — specifically for the upcoming DreamLeague Season 9 Minor taking place next week. No information has been given as to whether the team has been looking for a replacement. The team now can no longer be invited to TI or the closed qualifiers due to the DPC roster rules and will have to go through the open qualifiers in order to secure a place at the event.

The current roster for OG following Resolut1on’s release is as follows:

Denmark Johan 'Notail' Sundstein
France Sébastien '7ckingMad' Debs (interim and coach)
Sweden Gustav 's4' Magnusson
Finland Jesse 'Jerax' Vainikka
Israel Tal 'Fly' Aizik


Can OG make it through Open Qualifiers for TI with 7ckingMad?

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No, they should look for a replacement
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  • Mark louse "morescodes" Lorenzo ,
    I honestly think it's not Reso. NoTail and JerAx just hasn't been performing at their best recently. Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of Jerax and NoTail. I just speak what I see. Some might say I might be seeing things the wrong way, well... that's your 2 cents and you have the right to oppose. I respect that. I wish the best for OG and Reso moving forward.
  • Gabz "GJ_Minami" justine ,
    NoTail very slow farmer, S4 gameplay not quite impressive, Jerax nowadays not a very accurate initiator and Fly gameplay after 40 min still have no item & feed all the time and there's goes all the blame to Reso not able to solo team fight. Problem with OG was they were too much depend on one man solo core carry and the rest just recklessly dead or feed to much. They want Reso to be greedy like Miracle or Ana but Reso is not quite good for solo teamfight . I really can bet that if this team is changing gameplay style, this team will be disband soon.


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