Qualifiers for the SL i-League Invitational Season 4 to take place just before Christmas

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 08 December 2017 15:43

SL i-League’s second minor of the Dota Pro Circuit will be held at the beginning of February 2018 in China, with the open and closed regional qualifiers happening this December.

A total of eight teams will participate at SL i-League Invitational Season 4. Two teams will receive direct invites to the event with six more joining them via regional qualifiers. The open qualifiers will be hosted by FACEIT December 16-17 in five regions; Europe, CIS, Southeast Asia, North America and South America, while the Chinese qualifiers will be played separately. The full details on the open and closed Chinese qualifiers are expected to come soon.  

Registrations are already open on FACEIT at the following links:


  • For Europe sign up HERE
  • For CIS  sign up HERE
  • For Southeast Asia sign up HERE
  • For North America sign up HERE
  • For South America sign up HERE


Winners of each open qualifier region will advance into the closed qualifiers which are scheduled for December 18-22. The closed qualifiers will accommodate eight teams in each region and will be fully broadcast in both English and Russian languages on StarLadder’s channels.

SL i-League Invitational Season 4 qualifiers broadcast channels:

United States EN1:
United States EN2:
Russia RU1:
Russia RU2:

StarLadder Invitational Season 4 LAN Finals will unfold in China, February 1-4, with a $300,000 prize pool and 300 qualifying points counting for the TI8 direct invites up for grabs. Team Liquid are the reigning Champions of the previous two season of SL i-League Invitational and will be interesting to see if the organizers will extend one of the two direct invites to them.


Do you think Team Liquid should receive one of the two direct invites to SL i-League Invitational Season 4?

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