Na'Vi thrive in the lower bracket; Eliminate Newbee from DreamLeague Season 8

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

Another round of eliminations at DreamLeague Season 8 saw Na'Vi eliminate Newbee in a hype third game.

Adrenaline was running high as both Na'Vi and Newbee were on the brink of elimination during the second day of the event. Since DreamLEagues Season 8 is a Major there was an extraordinary amount of TI8 qualifying points at stake. Newbee had just taken the championship title at Perfect World Masters and the taste of victory was still sweet on their tongue. Na'Vi's revitalized roster and recent success left them hungry for something substantial to sink their teeth into.

Keeping everyone on the edges of their seats, a full three game series culminated into a thrilling last match before Na'Vi could take the series victory and claim some TI8 qualifying points.

Game One

Newbee got off to a good start but Na'Vi weren't far behind, keeping the Chinese team on their toes and keeping things neck and neck. A good attempt to seize control of the game was only quickly lived by Na'Vi as Newbee continued to push the Ukrainian team to the edge and keeping them locked down. It seemed that Na'Vi didn't really have an answer or way to repel Newbee from their base and with relative ease, the Chinese team claimed the first victory.

Game Two

Na'Vi shook things up a bit with a strong showing in the second match. With too much team fight power and potential on the side of Na'Vi, Newbee started to fall apart and further behind. 26 minutes in, Na'Vi were already taking full bottom barracks and threw their weight around to remind Newbee a third game was most likely on the horizon. In an equally overwhelming victory, Na'Vi forced the deciding match.

Game Three

Coming down to the wire, Na'Vi picked up a Kunkka. Starting out as a pure slugfest, the early game was nailbiting and too close for comfort for either team to really make a claim on the match. A huge engagement at Roshan around 20 minutes it was an entertaining highlight of the match, showing just how both teams were not willing to back down in the series and determined to gain any advantage. Fight after fight, things remained very even for the first 30 minutes with only approximately a 1k gold lead swinging back and forth. Suddenly, Na'Vi started to punch their way through to claim an advantage and the series.

Na'Vi will square off against Evil Geniuses in the Lower Bracket Round 3 following the Upper Bracket Finals between Team Secret and Team Liquid


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