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Lighter Logitech mouse

logitech_weight_6.jpgA very important device for us Starcraft gamers is of course the mouse connected to the computer. The gamer Artosis has noticed this and StarcraftLegacy published the first of a series of guides about gaming mice. The first guide is called "Logitech weight removal" and goes extremly pedagogically through how to remove the weight that is located in some of Logitech's mice. It's simply a small piece of metal located inside the top of the mouse. If it's removed it will make, "your mouse more responsive to your thoughts and you will notice a slight improvement in your game" according to XG3.

Do this on your own risk (it's quite simple) but the piece of metal itself has no function in the mouse except for simply adding weigth to the mouse, so it's completely harmless to remove it, except that this procedure will void your warranty.

The following articles will be posted later on in the same series:
  • How to modify your logitech mouse
  • The actual differences in Starcraft while using different mice
  • Various settings for hardware
  • Drivers
  • Mousepads and keyboards
  • The difference between USB and PS2

We were previously asked if Logitech works as a sponsor for GosuGamers, but they do not. We wish to remind you that GosuGamers are 100% non-profit and none of the crew workers get paid for doing this. Logitech is one of the most popular mice manufactures and therefore news about their products are more relevant than others.

We will keep you updated about guides and new releases of gaming tools such as mice, mouse pads and more.

Links - Guide about how to remove your Logitech weight

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